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What's The Secrets To Christina Aguilera's Breathtaking Weight Loss Transformation?

Published Sun Sep 22 2019 By jessica
What's The Secrets To Christina Aguilera's Breathtaking Weight Loss Transformation?

When Christina Aguilera sang 'I'm a genie in a bottle baby', little did we all knew that it was no lie. Pop Diva Aguilera has been at her lowest and highest both. She has also been both the skinniest and the curviest she has ever been at.

Aguilera's biggest weight-loss transformation, however, didn't happen until 2014 when she popped up with her new jaw-dropping body in the hit music video, 'Say Something'. Shockingly enough, Aguilera had only given birth to her second child at the time.

So, what lies all the secrets to the singer's weight loss transformation? Did Aguilera undergo a gastric bypass surgery? Find out below.

Aguilera Is A Fan Of Yoga

Over the years, Christina Aguilera weight number kept going up and down; from the time of her first birth to her son, Max Bratman, and to the divorce with her first husband, Jordan Bratman in 2011. And, soon after separating from Bratman, Christina gained back all the weight she lost after her first pregnancy.

Christina Aguilera reportedly lost more than 30 Ibs in less than three months. 
Source: Mom

Despite the feeling of unhappiness, the Grammy-winning artist was still pretty much confident with her skin. Today, the singer looks better than ever. She is neither too skinny nor too curvy comparatively. And, when asked about her weight loss secrets, the singer usually credits yoga.

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Needless to say, the 'Beautiful' singer is indeed a massive yoga fan. Matter of fact, the New York-born never skipped a day without performing yoga during and after her pregnancy with her second child. But, there's more to her healthy lifestyle though.

Aguilera & Her Healthy Diet

Whilst a lot of people tend to go on a strict diet and even starve, Christina opted for a healthy and nutritious diet to fuel her body. Deliciously enough, Aguilera reportedly had all the necessary food items that consisted of protein, calorie, and even fat.

Christina Aguilera before and after losing weight in 2014. 
Source: Top Celeb Weight Loss

Aguilera would start her morning with turkey bacon accompanied by healthy fruits including blueberries, and avocado which is highly enriched in potassium and fiber. Likewise, her snack would be followed by fat-containing food such as almond butter and celery.

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For lunch, the singer highly consumed salad, and chicken breast with non-creamy dressing. Health experts claim protein-based food are highly effective in making one feel full throughout the day.

See a short clip of Aguilera speaking of motherhood and more.

The best part of her diet, however, appears to be the snack and dinner when the singer would be enjoying shrimp cocktail, rice with vegetables, chicken or fish and curry. And, before she goes to bed, her night is ended with a fine glass of wine.

Besides, Aguilera also credits her personal trainer who helped her out with work out sessions. No wonder, she was able to lose more than 34 ibs in a couple of months.

To add more, with a confident body and health, Christina is currently able to travel across the world for her live tour.and tour. For the singer, confidence is "all about embracing yourself and your body".

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