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Wendy Williams Weight Loss Transformation: How Did The TV Host Shed 50 Ibs In Three Years?

Published Sat Sep 07 2019 By jessica
Wendy Williams Weight Loss Transformation: How Did The TV Host Shed 50 Ibs In Three Years?

Tv host Wendy Williams is often made fun of her irregular body shape. Famous celebrities including TV personality Blac Chyna once labeled her as a 'P looking' person. But, today, Wendy couldn't care less about the internet trolls.

Wendy Williams struggled with her body weight and shape for years. But, since starting to work out on shedding weight, she lost over 50 Ibs. Well, how did she accomplish it?

Wendy Williams Weight Loss Story: All The Details

Wendy Williams is an American tv host, actress, and businesswoman highly prominent for her famous tv host show, The Wendy Williams Show which has been successfully running since 2008.

Wendy Williams lost 50 Ibs in three years. 
Source: US Weekly.

Despite a successful career in tv, one thing that Williams, especially for a woman who's constantly the topic of public attention, never had success with was her weight image, something that regularly put her in suffering.

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But, one fine summer in 2015, Wendy revealed a shockingly new reincarnated body in a bikini with looking slimmer and fit than she ever did before. And, the proud tv host wasn't shy to discuss her dramatic weight loss transformation to her fans.

Did Wendy Williams Undergo Surgery?

Williams mainly credits maintaining her diets and workout schedule. But, the host has also underwent the knife to shed some weight. However, unlike many who tends to go for surgeries to lose weight in order to look a certain way, Williams had them to lead a healthy lifestyle.

The mother of one, a son who goes by the name Kevin Hunter Jr., Wendy shares with former husband, Kevin Hunter, had weight loss surgeries including liposuction and tummy tuck which removes the excess skin and fat from the body parts.

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The surgeries, however, didn't completely sort off her weight issues though. Wendy had to focus on a healthy diet and regular work out. The tv host tried diets such as fad and crash diets. Unfortunately, they couldn't work.

Williams Diet Plan

Williams no longer believed in fad and crash diets and quickly shifted her attention to Pescetarianism which required her to follow a plant-based diet. The only meat she consumed was fish or other seafood.

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The tv host, however, didn't fully believe in maintaining a certain diet. Her main focus was to remain careful with taking healthy food and its portion. Wendy enjoys taking vegetables and fruits alongside protein-containing food.

The New Jersey native usually takes eggs, fruits, vegan sausage, tuna fish and yogurt followed by a vegetable juice. And to make her breakfast more enjoyable, she adds maple syrup and hot sauce to get the savory-sweet taste.

Wendy Williams follows Pescetarianism diet. 
Source: Good Housekeeping

Consequently, Wendy Williams maintained her diet so well throughout the years that she doesn't even miss eating meat especially the red meat anymore. She sometimes misses the texture but that's that.

Besides, Williams also credits cardio and Pilates for helping her shed 50 Ibs in three-span of years. The only negative setback that came after losing weight was that her slimmer waist and arms made her breast look bigger, hence the 'P looking' remark. Wendy underwent breast implant in 1994.

That's the least problem for Wendy though. She has definitely come far to take care of her health and loving her body that makes her feel like she is Pamela Anderson.


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