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Weight Loss Secrets Behind Russell Crowe For Film Roles

Published Thu Sep 19 2019 By jessica
Weight Loss Secrets Behind Russell Crowe For Film Roles

Losing weight for specific roles is common for actors. But talk about constantly not just only losing but gaining too. Do allow us to introduce you to Russell Crowe who has had both amazing weight loss and gain transformation over the years.

Crowe was recently seen on The Loudest Voice this year with a few weight gain visible on his body. The Awards winning actor, however, says it was mostly the makeover. Whatsoever, that still doesn't erase the amazing history of the actors' weight loss and gain transformation.

Russell Crowe Weight Loss Journey

For Russell Crowe, losing weight to only gain back and to just lose again is as easy peasy lemon squeezy. The New Zealand native actor has, in fact, been shunning his fans since the 90s since his role in The Insider.

Russell Crowe weight loss transformation began in 1999. 
Source: Pinterest

After gaining weight for the film in 1999, he immediately had to drop them for his next roles for Gladiator in 2000 where he performed the role of Maximus. For the role, he needed to consume six to eight high protein based food per day.

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Besides, the dedicated actor has also done the same for several other films including Cinderella Man which was released in 2005 and Boy Erased, one of the most recent ones released in 2018.

Watch a video of Russell Crowe speaking of his appearance on The Loudest Voice.

Matter of fact, in 2017, the actor who loves bike riding weighed only 98 kg after he dropped a staggering of 24 kg in less than seven months.

For his role in The Loudest Voice, the actor looked almost unrecognizable with that added weight. But, this time, Crowe didn't spend much time either in the gym nor in the kitchen feeding himself.

Russell Had Prosthetic Makeover

Crowe credits the makeover artist of  the series, especially Adrien Morot. The team relied on prosthetic makeup, a kind of makeover that uses prosthetic sculpture, casting and other advanced techniques for effective impression.

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On the contrary, it wasn't easy as Russell and the team behind the series thought it would be. It would literally take 2-3 hours to get it off the actors' body after the filming. But, as the filming for the show has concluded, Crowe is pleased to never deal with it again.

Russell Crowe finds the topic of his weight boring. 
Source: Glamour Magazine

Interestingly, Crowe says the discussion over his weight loss and gain over the years has bored him. He realized the procedures he did to get there was more fun than how he got there. The bigger lesson he learned is the fact that you come down in the same manner you got up.

Russell Crowe, who quit smoking in 2010 for his two children, was recently seen on The True History of the Kelly Gang.


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