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Facts of Vince Neil

Full NameVince Neil
First NameVince
Last NameNeil
Birth NameVincent Neil Wharton
Birth CityCalifornia
Birth CountryUnited States
Father NameClois "Odie" Wharton
Mother NameShirley (née Ortiz)
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusDating
SpouseBeth Lynn, Heidi Mark, Sharise Ruddell, Lia Gherardini
Relation WithRain Hannah
No Of Children3
Height175 cm
Weight75 kg
Networth$50 M
Facebook Profile
Twitter Profile
Insta Profile
Wiki Profile
Date of BirthFebruary 8,1961
Age58 years

If you are into the heavy metal and rock then you surely know the legendry singer, Vince Neil right? Vince came to prominence as the frontman of the American rock band, "Mötley Crüe."

Well, Vince stole the heart of thousand girls with his rockstar personality and music. But who is the one who throbbed the heart of this musician? Stay tuned with us to know all the detail information about Vince Neil's life.

Vince Neil Personal Life

Vince Neil, who is quite successful in his personal life? But what about his personal life? Is he married? Does he have children? Know about his relationship status.

Girlfriend, Love Life

Vince Neil is currently dating his longterm girlfriend, Rain Hannah. Rain is the founder of the Rain Makeup Academy and also has her line of makeup called Serendipity Beauty. Further, she worked with a celebrity like Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Mandy Moore and so on.

The couple is together since 2011 and henceforth inseparable. Though they have not disclosed the detail information about their first meeting, Rain did reveal once that it was the love at first sight. Well, they share common habits and interest which kept their bond stronger.

The pair are not shy to show off their affection together and are often spotted together in awards ceremonies, shows and so on. What's more, they also share their pictures on social media. Have a look at a snap where Vince and Rain are cuddling together on a vacation!!!

Additionally, the love birds even participated on ABC's reality series, "Celebrity Wife Swap" season 4. In the show, Neil swapped his girlfriend with a musician, Gunnar Nelson's wife for a week.

Watch: Celebrity Wife Swap 406 Vince Neil and Gunnar Nelson

Despite having the age gap of 20 years, the duo share quite a strong bond. Well, they consider age is just a number when it comes to love. What's more, Rain is just two years older than his daughter Elizabeth. Moreover, no news about their break up has come until this date.

Past Relationship and Children

Well, Vince Neil was married 4 times before his relationship with Rain. Let's know the reason behind his failed marriage in the past.

1. Vince Neil and Beth Lynn

Vince Neil was married to Beth Lynn after dating for a year. The couple tied the not in a private ceremony held among close pals and family in 1981.

Vince Neil and his first wife, Beth Lynn.
Source: Pinterest

Their relationship was very good at first however, with each passing time the problem started to arose which ultimately led the pair to part their ways. They got divorced in 1985 after five years.

The former pair share a daughter, Elizabeth Ashley Wharton born on October 29, 1983. Elizabeth is married to her boyfriend turned husband, Will Loomis in October 2015. Moreover, the pair are the proud parents of a daughter, Hailee Marie.

2. Vince Neil and Sharise Ruddell

After splitting with Beth, Vince then got into a romantic relationship with a mud wrestler and former model, Sharise Ruddell. They first met whilst Ruddell worked as a mud model for the Hollywood Tropicana club. 

Vince with his then-wife, Sharise Ruddell.
Source: Jeff Kravitz Photo

At the time, Vince was fond of bringing female girls at the ring to fight for him at his house. After dating for quite some time, Vince walked down the aisle with Ruddell in an intimate ceremony in April 1987.

The couple welcomed their child, a daughter, Skylar Lynnae Neil on 26th March 1991. Sadly, Skylar passed away at the age of only four on 15th August 1995 after being diagnosed with Kidney Cancer. Even six operations, plus extensive chemotherapy and radiation treatments couldn't save her life.

Vince with his former wife and late daughter, Skylar.
Source: Getty

Neil loved Ruddell even to the extent he gifted her rare Porsches and multiple Chanel bags in order to make her happy. However, the problem started in their relationship due to Neil's drug addiction and alcohol habit.

Just two years before the demise of their daughter, they decided to part their ways in 1993. As per Sharise, the former pair does not have any type of relationship after the death of her daughter. Meanwhile, Sharise also moved on and is now a mother to her two children from her present relationship.

3. Vince Neil and Heidi Marks

Vince and actress, model and Playboy Playmate, Heidi Marks started dating in the same year Vince got divorced with Sharise. They first met on a blind date which was set by Heidi's makeup artist.

Vince with his former wife, Heidi Mark.
Source: Pinterest

The pair got engaged after two months of dating. Likewise, they tied the knot on May 2000. However, their relationship didn't last long as Heidi filed for divorce just after 15 months of their marriage citing irreconcilable differences.

The actress even claimed Neil was a shameless cheater and a vicious drunker who once beat her so badly her breast implant exploded for which she underwent three operations. Similarly, Vince used to beat her without reason after getting drunk.

Heidi Marks claimed Neil was a shameless cheat.
Source: Famous People

Marks also revealed she even caught Neil making out with a friend's girlfriend at the funeral of his own daughter Skylar. Likewise, she also started another incident where he kicked her in the stomach in a posh Beverly Hills restaurant;

I walked up to the table and for no reason, he kicked me sideways—like Jackie Chan. I went flying.

However, the attorney for Vince said it was he who suffered abuse at Heidi's hands. Attorney said, "She's the one who physically and mentally abused Vince. Heidi had a wild temper and threw things at Vince, including heavy ashtrays that could have caused serious injury."

4. Vince Neil and Lia Gerardini

Vince Neil married his fourth wife, Lia Gerardini on January 2005. The wedding was held at the Las Vegas Four Seasons hotel between family and close pals.

Vince with his fourth wife Lia.

The ceremony was officiated by rapper, dancer and entrepreneur, MC Hammer and included celebrities like Tommy Lee, Nikki Sixx, Dennis Rodman"Baywatch" co-creator Michael Berk and Playboy Playmate Brande Roderick.

Like his previous marriage, this also didn't last long as the couple parted their ways after five years of marriage in 2010. However, unlike his previous relationships they are still good friends even after their divorce. 

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Neil revealed in an interview in 2010, "You know, we'd been together for ten years. It was a long time. All of a sudden you feel like you're roommates you're not husband and wife anymore. Sometimes you just drift apart."

Does Vince Neil have a Son?

Vince is a father to his only son, Neil Jason Wharton born on October 3, 1978, whom he shared with a girl named Tami. Vince met Tami during high school. 

Vince Neil with his only son, Neil Jason Wharton.
Source: Members Ozemail

The couple was together even before Mötley Crüe was formed. Despite being together for many years, they never tied the knot. Meanwhile, Wharton is not involved in music like his father. Furthermore, he is a married man with a son.

Vince Neil; Involved In A Horrific Accident

On December 8, 1984, Hanoi Rocks drummer Nicholas "Razzle" Dingley and the other members of the band were partying at Vince's home. After some time, Neil and Razzle decided to take a trip to a local liquor store in Neil's De Tomaso Pantera.

Nicholas "Razzle" Dingley died in a car accident.
Source: Alchetron

Neil who was drunk lost control of the car slamming into two other cars at 65 mph. Though Neil escaped with cracked ribs and minor cuts, two people in the first car he hit were severely injured and even suffered brain damage.

The worst thing happened when Razzle was dead on arrival at the hospital. Vince got 30 days in jail (he only served 15), five years probation, and 200 hours of community service, and paid $2.6 million in restitution to the victims of the crash. Furthermore, Neil even wrote a song in the memory of Razzle.

Vince Neil Legal Issues and Controversy

Vince Neil was struck in a lot of legal issues for a long time. Back in 2002, the rockstar was arrested for punching record producer Michael Schuman to the ground in a nightclub parking lot. He then was ordered to pay restitution and complete community service.

Vince Neil was arrested many times for his anger issues.
Source: Alternative Nation

The singer was arrested again after he attacked a prostitute (grabbed her throat and threw her against a wall) at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch in 2003. He received 30-day jail suspension, 60 days anger management classes, and was fined $1,000 plus court fees of $132.

Neil's anger issues have always caused trouble for him. From beating soundman to the extent he was unconscious for 45 minutes to allegedly smash a fan's camera, Vince was arrested time and again and was ordered to take anger management classes.

Vince Neil was charged with domestic violence for beating his then-girlfriend, Alicia Jacobs.
Source: NY Daily News

In 2011, his ex-girlfriend, Alicia Jacobs filed a battery charge against him after an alleged domestic violence incident left her with visible bruises. He got an order to stay away from Jacobs and paid another $1,000 fine.

Well, it seems like Vince never took anger classes as again in April 2016 he was charged with misdemeanor battery for assaulting a woman. When Nicholas Cage and Neil were hanging out at the Aria Hotel, a fan asked for Cage's autograph.

Watch: Nicolas Cage and Vince Neil Get Into Bizarre Fight In Vegas

For some unknown reasons, Neil then pulled her to the ground by her hair before Cage restrained him. He pleaded guilty and struck a deal to be served six-month probation and a $1,000 fine. Neil was also sued by the fan he assaulted, and that case is still ongoing.

Bankruptcy and Lawyer Troubles

Vince Neil is one of those celebrities who are unable to hang on to their considerable riches. His lowest financial point came in 2005 when he had to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy after amassing a hefty $1.5 million in assorted debts.

What's more, the attorney who had taken care of said bankruptcy proceedings sued Neil after 5 years because the singer had failed to pay $16,000 in fees.

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Well, seems like he nurses a habit of neglecting his legal bills. In 2018, the frontman's legal team threatened to drop him due to $190,000 of legal fees that he reportedly refused to pay.

Drug Addiction and Rehabs

Vince Neil started taking cocaine during his teenage. The vocalist revealed his cocaine habit was so severe that he would start shooting coke even when the band was playing club gigs. He said in an interview with Louder,

When we were playing clubs, the band made me stop shooting coke. I was a coke addict and I had some crazy shit going on. It’s just that I haven’t talked about it.

Due to his addiction, the lead singer used to visit rehab 3 or 4 times a year. Apart from coke, he was even involved in gambling as he used to drop $60,000 or $70,000 at once. 

Weight Loss and Surgery

Vince Neil suffered from overweight after his habit of partying. He then took part in VH1's "Remaking: Vince Neil" which ultimately changed his life. The rock singer signed on for a 90-day regimen with VH1.

Check Out: Remaking Vince Neil

In the show, Neil stopped drinking vodka, gave up junk food, worked out a lot, and even switched hair color from blond to brown. Just in 12 weeks, Neil lost 30 pounds weight and eight inches off his waist.

Vince spent 9 1/2 hours under the steady hands of a renowned plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, California where his once rugged face was completely transformed. He disclosed about his surgery in an interview saying,

They did a lot of things. Brow-lift, upper-lower eyes, partial face-lift, cheek implants, nose job, jaw-line sculpturing.

Well, these amazing transformations helped him as he made headline after headline as many praised his transformation. Furthermore, he also admitted he was totally shocked by his own appearance saying;

Man, I have had so much plastic surgery, I don’t even recognize myself sometimes. If I catch a glimpse in a window or something, I think it is someone else.

This surgery also inspired him to rebuild his career and get sober. He later opened up his tattoo parlor on the Las Vegas Strip.

Sex Tape

In 1999, an hour-long sex tape of Neil with adult film star Janine Lindemulder and model Brandy Ledford was leaked. Vince admitted in an interview that Ledford leacked the video saying,

The other chick(Brandy), I can’t even remember her name, she’s the one who went and sold the video [in 1999]. There’s nothing I can do. It’s out there. There was a lot of wine involved.

The video was released by the same company that leaked the Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson sex tape. However, Brandy's name was not mentioned in the video and her face was blurred out as well.

Vince Neil's Net Worth

Being a member of the most successful heavy band of the '80s, Vince Neil surely earned a good fortune. So, how much net worth does he hold?

Net Worth, Salary, Career

Vince Neil holds the net worth of around $50 million all thanks to his career as a singer. Vince is the lead singer of the heavy rock metal band, Mötley Crüe.

Neil joined the band back in the year 1979 and released the first album, Too Fast for Love which hit the record of $1,300,000 after selling over one million copies.

Some of the band's hit albums are Shout at the Devil, Theatre of Pain, Uncensored, Girls, Girls, Girls, Dr. Feelgood The Videos and many more.

In the year 1992, Neil started his career as a solo artist after he was fired from the band because of their personal differences. His first single, Exposed debuted at #13 on the Billboard charts. He then released Sister of Pain, Can't Have Your Cake, Skylar's Song and so on.

Vince again reunited with his band in 1997 and released Generation Swine, which debuted at #4 on the Billboard charts. Besides, they earned $86,100,000 from their final tour in 2014. However, the band make their come back again and still performs ocassionally.

Television and Films

Vince Neil earned a good stack from his acting career as well. He started his acting career playing a small role for "Police Academy 6: City Under Siege".

Watch: Vince Neil (of Mötley Crüe) on Surreal Life

Neil also starred in "The Adventures of Ford Fairlane," CBS sitcom "Still Standing, "PBS television series "The Aviators" and so on.

Vince also tried his hand on reality shows. He appeared as a pilot for an A&E reality TV show. Likewise, he also played in ABC's "Skating with the Stars," "The New Celebrity Apprentice" as well as in the first season of "The Surreal Life".

Business Ventures

Apart from singing career, Vince Neil is also involved in other businesses which helped him to collect a good stack. Vince opened his tattoo parlor called Vince Neil Ink in Las Vegas which is running quite successful till this date.

He then founded a successful tequila line, Tres Rios, and a restaurant in West Palm Beach, Florida, called Dr. Feelgood’s Bar and Grill followed by Vince Vineyards.

Vince also opened Deja Vu Presents: Vince Neil's Girls Girls Girls in Las Vegas, Nevada. He acquired the ownership of the Arena Football League's Jacksonville Sharks with his longtime friends.

Houses, Cars, and Motorcycles

Vince Neil owns a $2.58 million mansion in Danville, CA. The four-bedroom, five-bathroom Mediterranean-style manse features hand-painted Italian tile at the bottom of the fountain-studded pool, statues imported from Paris, and kitchen with marble features.

Vince Neil mansion in Danville, California.
Source: Getty

Neil further used to own a house in Chatsworth with his ex-wife Sharise. Moreover, he also owned a house in Porter Ranch and also in Malibu which he sold for millions.

Vince Neil is very passionate about racing.
Source: 6onlinespeed

Everyone is aware of Neil's passion for racing. No doubt, he has huge collections of luxurious cars and bikes. Have a look at Vince's latest car collections;

Cars Price 
Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder$225,040
Ferrari 360 Modena F1$172,000
Rolls-Royce Silver Spur III$88,000
Bentley GT$200,000
Rolls-Royce Phantom$450,000
Mercedes SL550$113,550
Hummer H2$67,450

Additionally, he also owns Ford Coupe Hot Rod, a Dodge Magnum Wagon and a couple of bikes as well.


Vince Neil published his 320-page hardcover autobiography, "Tattoos & Tequila: To Hell and Back with One of Rock's Most Notorious Frontmen" in 2010. The Mötley Crüe frontman wrote this autobiography with the journalist and novelist, Mike Sager.

Vince Neils' autobiography is available in Amazon.

This contains almost all the details about his life including his drug addiction to divorce with his wives. Besides, this also contains interview of his ex wives and they disclosed the major reason for their divorce as Neil's extra marital affair.

Social Media Earnings

Vince Neil is quite popular on his Instagram where he shares about his personal life as well as professional life. He earns $1,267.5 - $2,112.5 per promotional post on his Instagram account.


After the death of his daughter Skylar, Vince Neil founded the Skylar Neil Memorial Fund in her honor. This organization mainly focuses on raising funds to help needy children get treatment. 

Through this fund, the singer donated millions to The T.J. Martell Foundation and also sponsors an annual golf tournament to raise money for children with cancer.

Vince Neil: Body Measurements

Vince Neil stands at a height of 1.75 m or 5 feet 9 inches with dark brown eyes and blonde (dyed) hair. He weighs around 75 kg and has a shoe size of 9 (US).

Quick Facts: Vince Neil

  • Vince Neil was born as Vincent Neil Wharton on 8 February 1961 in Hollywood, California.
  • His father Clois ‘Odie’ Wharton is a Native American and late mother, Shirley (nee Ortiz) is a Mexican.
  • He has a sister, Valerie Wharton Saucer.
  • He holds American nationality and was born under the star sign, Aquarius.
  • His hobbies interested includes surfing, baseball, wrestling, football, and basketball.
  • He went to Charter Oak High School. He then attended Royal Oak High School and eventually expelled for fighting and drug use.
  • He has 2 grandchildren, Trace (b. October 2011) and Hailee Marie (b. January 12, 2015).
  • He was not the first singer of the band, Mötley Crüe.
  • The Netflix latest rock biopic, The Dirt consists of the life story of all members of Motley Crue including Vince Neil.
  • He is fond of tattoos and has tattoos all over his body.
  • He also dated Canadian-American actress, model and animal rights activist, Pamela Anderson before her marriage with his band member Tommy Lee.
  • He is an active Instagram and Twitter user with 425K followers on Instagram and 415K followers on Twitter.

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