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Teen Mom Star Tyler Baltierra Ditched Sugar To Shed Weight & Lead A Healthy Lifestyle

Published Wed Sep 11 2019 By jessica
Teen Mom Star Tyler Baltierra Ditched Sugar To Shed Weight & Lead A Healthy Lifestyle

Fatherhood looks great on the Teen Mom star Tyler Baltierra especially after he worked on his weight loss journey in early 2017. Only in seven months, the husband of famous Teen Mom cast Catelynn Baltierra, farewelled a great amount of more than 40 Ibs.

Tyler is no shy when it comes to sharing her weight loss tips and secrets either. If you check out the father of three's Instagram, you will find it full of the amazing glimpses of his weight loss journey alongside the adorable pictures of his wife and kids.

Who Is Tyler Baltierra?

If you're a regular tv watcher of MTV's long-running show, Teen Mom, you're one way or more likely to be familiar with Tyler Baltierra who appears on the show alongside his partner of more than ten years.

A family picture of Tyler Baltierra. 
Source: Instagram (Tyler Baltierra)

The couple are parents to three children including Novalee Reign Baltierra, Vaeda Luma Baltierra, and the first child, Carolyn Elizabeth Davis who the couple submitted for adoption in 2009. The 27 years old had her first child when he was only seventeen.

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Tyler's wife has suffered miscarriage but that still hasn't removed the hope from the couple to try for another child, a son indeed.

On the contrary, with the fame and money tv show brought him, Baltierra started becoming heavier in late 2016. But, he knew he had to do something about it.

"I Am My Only Competition," says Baltierra

Determined to lose weight and flaunt his once lost abs, the first thing Tyler Baltierra decided to do was focus on the things he was consuming. The reality star completely cut off eating unhealthy and junk food. Taking to Instagram, Tyler shed light on what he was feeding himself.

Tyler Baltierra lost 45 Ibs in seven months. 
Source: Instagram (Tyler Baltierra)

Like most of the people conscious to lose weight, Baltierra stopped eating processed and high carbohydrate food that highly contain calorie and is the reasons behind weight gain for the majority of people.

Besides, the young father also ditched sugar since its as well highly enriched with calorie. However, losing weight didn't only concern his health and the way he wanted to look but also the importance of self-love he was trying to preach to his fans.

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What is even more fascinating is the fact that Tyler only emphasized on eating good. Matter of fact, he didn't hit the gym until the fifth month of those seven span of months. Additionally, Tyler went from weighing 208lbs to 165lbs, as of September 2018.

The young entrepreneur updated his followers with a before and after transformation picture on Instagram with a caption that ended with a hashtag that read #IAmMyOnlyCompetition.

Before and after weight loss transformation picture of Tyler Baltierra. 
Source: Instagram (Tyler Baltierra)

And, it didn't take long for his fans to flood the comments section to appreciate the goals and the transformation results of Tyler. Not to mention, since starting his journey, Tyler who flaunts attractive tattoos over his body has been also sharing more and more shirtless pictures and selfies.

Impressively enough, the removal of the chubbiness, double chins and big tummy can be clearly noticed. So, cutting off high calorie food and sugar really works.



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