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Tom Jones Weight Loss Secrets: How The Singer Lost 30 Ibs In Five Months

Published Fri Sep 06 2019 By jessica
Tom Jones Weight Loss Secrets: How The Singer Lost 30 Ibs In Five Months

Tom Jones is definitely growing older but healthier. The Welsh singer is conscious of his health which is why he is still in a great shape and glow. The singer has also always been upfront to share about the secrets to his healthy lifestyle and fit body.

Jones is all about eating healthy through a unique diet that assists the singer to stay young and fit. But, it's definitely not a Keto diet, something a lot of celebrities tend to go after for a healthy diet these days. So, what is it? Jones says its a Paleo diet. More details on the singer's weight loss and diet's secrets below.

Tom Jones Weight Loss Secret: The Singer Credits Paleo Diet

Welsh singer Sir Thomas John Woodward OBE also known as Tom Jones is a multiple Awards winning artist including a Grammy and a Golden Globe. He is one of the few honored celebrities awarded by Queen Elizabeth for his contribution to the music industry.

Tom Jones shed more than 28 Ibs in 2011. 
Source: Express Uk

The coach of the British version of the reality singing competition, The Voice, Jones makes sure he still looks dapper and handsome as he looked during his early career phase when thousands of his female's fans screamed his name.

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Additionally, Jones grew more concerned about his healthy diet in early 2010 when he couldn't fit into his suit. As he said enough was enough, the singer then consulted a nutritionist and took a healthy diet reference from the Syndrome X: The Complete Nutritional Program to Prevent and Reverse, a book by Jack Challem and Melissa Diane Smith that guides you on healthy diet planning.

Jones Shed More Than 28 Ibs in 2011

And, to the rescue for Jones came the Paleo diet, also known as a caveman diet. Following the strict pattern of the diets, the singer started consuming more raw and fresh diets, and proteins. Besides, the singer also totally avoided consuming processed meats and carbohydrates.

Tom Jones at the 2019 GQ Awards. 
Source: Instagram (realsirtomjones)

Intake of Palio diets only lets you consume meals that were used for hunting in the stone age such as fish and animal meat that is eaten today, alongside fresh fruits and vegetables. And, In recent time, the Palio diet has earned more popularity for its numerous benefits for the body.

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So, what are its advantages? Paleo diets don't only help you lose weight but also saves you from the high risk of being diagnosed with diseases like diabetes, heart attack, and cancer as it prohibits from eating processed food. Besides, the Paleo diet also doesn't have any strict rules and let's its customer take calorie as much as they want.

The Singer Also Quit Drinking

One of the reasons behind Tom Jones' weight gain relates to his heavy drinking habit. Shockingly, Jones was drinking a whole bottle of red wine with dinner. Not to mention, he would actually start off his meal with either martini, cognac: a kind of brandy drink or champagne.

Research says, most of the drinks contain high calorie and has the potential to make its drinker gain heavy weight. Besides, drinking habits also usually leads to developing heavy eating choices which indirectly results in gain weight.

Apart from quitting drinking, Jones also spent more time in the gym doing boxing with his trainer. He visits the gym at least three times a week. And, as they say, health is wealth, what we learn from Sir Tom Jones is that age plays no key role in wanting to lose weight. 

Jones only celebrated his seventy-ninth birthday in June, as of 2019.



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