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Tina Malone Lost More Than 20 Ibs Using Gastric Surgery

Published Tue Sep 17 2019 By jessica
Tina Malone Lost More Than 20 Ibs Using Gastric Surgery

Tina Malone's is usually know for her connection with astonishing controversies. But what's even more astonishing is the weight loss journey of the former Big Brother's alum.

Malone lost more than an extreme amount of 12 stone after relying on gastric bypass surgery and went on to become a size 6. Although it's been over a couple of years since her weight loss journey, her weight loss  transformation results are still remarkable.

Surgery Changed Tina Malone's Life

Once a chubby and big, the Shameless actress Tina Malone underwent gastric bypass surgeries not just once but twice. The first surgery in 2008 had her stomach fitted with a gastric balloon whilst the second which took place two years later in 2010 had her stomach fitted with a gastric band.

Tina Malone poses in a black coat before she lost weight. 
Source: Express

Despite having undergone gastric bypass surgery in 2008, Malone began to struggle with her eating habits all over again which is why she decided to go for another one. The main motive of gastric bypass surgery that removes a large portion of the body is to reduce the hunger feeling in the human body and make the body feel full with less amount of food.

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In an interview, the Liverpool born celebrity reveals how she adopted her old overeating habit once again and lost the control. The actress would lose a few pounds but it only took her a matter of days for them to return.

Not to mention, she could just finish several bars and bags of chocolate and crisps in just one sitting. But, thanks to the surgery that indeed changed her life.

Watch a short clip of Malone speaking of her surgery.

Additionally, Malone also underwent surgery to remove the excess skin from her body left by the weight loss.

Malone Cut Off Sugar Intake

Aside from undergoing two surgeries, the other main important thing Malone did to maintain her weight loss objectives was by cutting off the high consumption of sugar.

Tina Malone lost shed 23 Ibs in eight months. 
Source: Celebs Now

Malone believed it was the sugar she struggled with cutting off from her eating habit that caused her the weight. But she knew she had to get rid of it. She even participated in the Diet Secrets & How To Lose Weight to get off from taking sugar.

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The Dinnerladies star who fueled up a scandal for taking cocaine backstage at a show in 2018, however, suffer side effects such as insomnia and mood swings during the procedure. Luckily, the actress eventually learned to take her sugar in less amount and balance it that contributed more to her results.

Malone Had Her Diseases Controlled

Like most of the overweight and obese people, Tina as well as was diagnosed with diabetes. Reports estimate that the adult people who are diagnosed with diabetes comes at a rate of 87% out of which obese people are mainly and commonly connected with the disease.

Tina Malone poses in black from top to bottom. 
Source: Lads Facts

The mother of two, luckily, had her diabetes controlled with her drastic weight loss transformation. Not only diabetes, but Malone who also had a history with high blood pressure also had em under control.

Impressively, only in eight weeks (two months), the actress who faced the charge and fine of £10,000 for her involvement in the Jogn Venables' case shed 23 Ibs.

Matter of fact, in June 2016, Tina weighed 8st 7lb for the first time in her life. And, to celebrate the milestone, she posted a picture of herself in a bikini from a vacation in Cyprus on Twitter.

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