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The Truth Behind Melissa Joan Hart Drastic 40 Ibs Weight Loss

Published Tue Sep 10 2019 By jessica
The Truth Behind Melissa Joan Hart Drastic 40 Ibs Weight Loss

Back in 2014, actress Melissa Joan Hart shocked the whole Hollywood town when she revealed her newly reincarnated amazing body in an adorable pink swimsuit after losing a whopping of 40 freaking Ibs.

It's been nearly five years since the actress showed off her weight loss transformation to the world, but Joan has, clearly, never looked back. No wonder why you'll always find her happy and smiling.

What Lies The Secrets Behind Melissa Joan Hart's Weight Loss?

Prominent American star Melissa Joan Hart is highly recognized for her roles and appearance in Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Drive Me Crazy, Clarissa Explains It All, and God's Not Dead 2 among many.

Before and After Melissa Joan Hart lost 40 Ibs. 
Source: E! Online

Hart is a proud mother to three children and pregnancy was one of the major causes behind her weight gain issues. Matter of fact, it was after the birth of her third child, Tucker McFadden Wilkerson, the actress struggled with losing weight.

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Other children include Braydon Hart Wilkerson and Mason Walter Wilkerson, the actress shares with boyfriend turned husband, Mark Wilkerson, a musician known as the member of Course of Nature.

So, how Did It All Begin For Joan?

Melissa Joan Hart had her third child in 2012. And after the birth of Tucker, the actress gained like more than 50 extra Ibs which led her to even keep up with simple physical tasks such as walking up the stairs and picking up stuff.

A family picture of Melissa Joan Hart. 
Source: Pinterest

Not to mention, she couldn't even look at herself in the mirror and getting ready for work.

As a mother, her postpartum body was no issue at all in the beginning though. But, after she realized she wanted to look great on the camera again and be here for her children for the longest, Joan decided it was time.

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The actress, however, had more issues with shedding weight this time though. As she reveals losing weight after giving birth to her third child was more difficult comparatively with her first and seconds'.

Luckily, as they say, when there's a will, there's certainly a way.

Joan Reached Out To NutriSystem

To get straight to the point, it was NutriSystem that came to rescue the actress. Melissa, who heard of the commercial company which guides its customers with diet and weight loss services, didn't hesitate to reach out.

The main reason Melissa decided to try out NutriSystem's products and services was her hectic schedule that mostly included taking care of her three toddlers and acting.

Matter of fact, she couldn't even afford her time to go to the gym nor hire a personal trainer suitable to her need and availability, especially when her equally busy husband needed to be on the road regularly.

Joan also disapproves the stance of people who think that celebrities have it easier insisting that she is just like any regular mother out there.

Melissa loved the program initiated by NutriSystem which was actually more than effective for her. For a busy and working mom like her, the mother of three couldn't be happier with the flexible service of providing the nutritious meals at her home.

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As a result, the actress lost over 40 Ibs. Needless to say, NutriSystem magically worked for Hart. And, it was only a matter of second Melissa ended up becoming a spokesperson for the company.

Did Melissa Gain Back Her Weight?

Impressively, whilst it's been over four years since her NutriSystem journey, Melissa Joan Hart has still maintained to keep her body in shape. Matter of fact, she keeps getting better every day.

Actress Melissa Joan Hart relaxes in front of a skyline view. 
Source: Instagram (Melissa Joan Hart)

The only difference is that Hart changed a bit of her diet plan. Melissa added a Ketogenic diet plan which is basically a keto-friendly oil called MCT. The actress drinks the MCT oil every day mixed with her coffee and tea and even water. 

Since losing weight, the actress revealed she loved herself and felt confident more than she ever did before. And, tbh, what's better than a woman feeling confident in herself, right?


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