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The Strict Weight Loss Plans Lisa Riley Followed To Lose 12 Stone In 18 Months

Published Thu Sep 12 2019 By jessica
The Strict Weight Loss Plans Lisa Riley Followed To Lose 12 Stone In 18 Months

If only losing weight was as easy as gaining them. Weight loss is never simple, but looking at the recent weight loss transformation of Emmerdale star Lisa Riley, it made our lazy arse to get up from our seat and head the nearest gym.

Unbelievable how Lisa Riley went from size 28 to size 12 in only a year and half. Normally, people who undergoes weight loss surgeries are only able to get such drastic results in a short span of time. Well, did the tv personality as well had a weight loss surgery?

Yes. But, there exists other more secrets to her weight loss though. So, what are those secrets on losing more than 150 pounds in a year? Find out below.

Who Is Lisa Riley? How Much Did She Weigh Before?

Manchester native, Lisa Jane Riley is an English tv presenter who rose to quick fame since the mid-90s after landing on the role to the popular British soap opera Coronation Street and Emmerdale.

Lisa Riley for Strictly Come Dancing. 
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As the fans can remember Lisa Riley had major weight loss transformation since her early days as an actor. Over the years, Riley's frequent weight gain was highly noticed.

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The case with her weight became even much worse after the death of her mother Cath Riley who passed away in 2012 after a twelve years long serious battle with bone cancer at the age of only 58. The tv star has lost four beloved family members to cancer.

Additionally, Riley's father Terry Riley also suffers from diabetes Type 2. Terry's mother aka Lisa's grandma died at the age of 69 from cancer. Lisa's maternal grandfather as well passed away from the same illness. Sadly, this led Riley on the decision to never have her own children.

Lisa Riley alongside fiance Al. 
Source: Daily Mail

Lisa Riley is currently engaged to her partner turned fiance of 5 years, Al who maintains a lowkey profile.

How Did Lisa Riley Lose Weight?

Riley began her weight loss journey in mid 2010' after realizing the risks of obesity. The tv star actually had an excess skin removal surgery to shed weight. But, when a fan called out the surgery being the reason behind her weight loss results, Lisa shut em down.

Although Riley did have surgery, the former Strictly Come Dancing contestant insists it was all because of her hard work and determination that made her farewell 12 stone.

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Soon after beginning her weight loss journey, Riley was serious than ever and cut off all the unhealthy habits. More secrets below.

Lisa Riley Quit Smoking & Drinking

That's true. Once a frequent smoker, Lisa Riley cut off smoking which previously led her into drinking. The singer says cigarettes would often lead her into wanting to drink wines.

Lisa Riley before and after losing 12 stone in 18 months. 
Source: Express

In her book, Lisa Riley's Honesty Diet, the actress published in 2017, Lisa mentions about her struggles, story and all the tips and secrets behind her weight loss.

The actress consumes only healthy meal including fresh vegetables and fruits. Riley starts off her day by drinking hot water and lemon rather than coffee and tea. Not to forget, her breakfast usually contains porridge and honey.

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As for lunch, she cut off carbs, and highly takes protein based meal such as poached eggs, omelettes and other healthy indulgences like avocado, coriander soup with oatcakes and butternut squash.

Lisa Riley Today. 
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Riley's dinner is similarly followed by chili and garlic cod with roasted cauliflower and spinach. Matter of fact, Lisa takes her meals in a bowl to avoid overeating and balance the meal portion.

As a result, Riley impressively lost 12 stone in only eighteen months and went from a size 28 to size 12. The great outcome of her weight loss transformation is the fact that Lisa Riley is now even ready to try for kids.

We wish you all the best Lisa Riley.


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