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The Biggest Loser Winner Patrick House Weight Loss Transformation; Did He Use Weight Loss Drugs?

Published Fri Sep 13 2019 By jessica
The Biggest Loser Winner Patrick House Weight Loss Transformation; Did He Use Weight Loss Drugs?

Patrick House who won the tenth season of The Biggest Loser claims he could have been dead if he hadn't lost nearly half of his weight. The show indeed saved his life. Not just health wise but financially too.

Patrick, then-unemployed took home the prize of $250,000 after losing 181 pounds by the finale of the show. Clearly, his hard work televised on the series definitely paid off. 

It's been nearly a decade since House's weight loss journey as the Biggest Loser. Well, wondering where he is today? Find out below alongside all the details on House' weight loss journey.

Patrick House Feared Heart Attack & Early Death

In 2010, an obese and unemployed Mississippi native aka Patrick House who thought he would dye soon without seeing his children decided to apply for the NBC hit reality show, The Biggest Loser which had been successfully running for tenth season since 2005 at the time.

Patrick House after winning The Biggest Loser. 
Source: Women's Health

House is one of the alum of the show alongside the first female winner of of the series, Ali Vincent. At the time, when Patrick applied for the show, Patrick House weighed a whopping of 400 Ibs. But, the winner claims he could have weighed more than 500 Ibs, suffered a heart attack and lie on his death bed soon if he hadn't auditioned for the show.

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One of Patrick's worse fears remained dying soon without having to see his children grow up. Thankfully, all of that was soon going to change when his personal trainer Bob Harper strictly guided him in every step and struggle on losing weight.

What Was House's Training & Diet Like?

Of course, like the usual, Patrick's training involved hardcore training, sweats, sacrifice and the regulation of strict diets. Patrick was only eating healthy meal which largely consisted protein, vegetables, fruits, and less calorie food to provide all the nutrition necessary for his body and weight loss.

Watch a video of Patrick House speaking of his weight loss journey.

As soon as he woke up in the morning at 6, he would only consists something that had less than 200 calories such as oatmeal and milk combined with fresh fruits such as strawberry.

After the first taste of his meal, the Patrick would immediately head off to jog for minimum of 4-5 miles which was immediately followed by his most important part of the daily routine aka to hit the gym with Harper. He would be working out for half an hour doing warm up and heavy exercises.

As for lunch, Patrick would usually consume turkey sandwich accompanied with fresh vegetables including lettuce, peppers, carrot and salad. (Fun Fact: Turkey sandwich later went to become Patrick's favorite work out food.) After finishing lunch, Patrick would be back to the gym again for an extreme hour of 4 to 5 hours for the rest of the afternoon.

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Dinner, was similarly followed by 5 ounces of clean meat with fresh green vegetables. And before going to bed after a light exercise, the 6 feet 2 inches tall man would observe the results and compare his progress.

Throughout his time on the show for six months, Patrick also learned all the nutritional value and to consume food in the perfect portion.

Patrick House Denied Weight Loss Drugs Allegation

In 2016, when former contestant Joelle Gwynn publicly claimed she was provided weight loss pills by her trainer's assistant, House denied the allegation claiming any artificial weight loss methods were strictly against the show's policy. Patrick also defended his trainer citing Patrick would never play with his reputation like that.

A before and after comparison of Patrick House's weight loss journey. 
Source: Pinterest

Following the end of his weight loss journey, Patrick House worked at the Mindstream Academy in South Carolina where he motivated and instructed obese children to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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A lot of former contestant and winners, however, consequently gained back their weight after the conclusion of their journey on the show. A lot of experts claims the reason behind the participants weight gain was due to the affects on their metabolism as their weight loss happened so quick.

'Get Out Of Comfort Zone', Says Patrick House

As for Patrick, the former winner has also slightly gained back a few pounds. But, House claims it was because he lost a few track of his weight loss maintenance after leaving the show.

The 10th season winner, however, is still positive that he can get back to his old weight if he regularly focuses on diet and exercise. Furthermore, whilst he admits that taking care of a healthy diet and exercise is not easy at all, Patrick believes its not 'impossible' either.

Patrick House poses alongside wife and two sons for a picture. 
Source: Facebook (Patrick House)

For the audience who wants to get on a tremendous weight loss journey, the first thing Patrick wants them to is to get out of their comfort zone. In the meantime, House who is a father of two children he shares with girlfriend Katie Rose Ciukaj, works as a Sales Director at Pearl River Resort.

Patrick is still a massive supporter of The Biggest Loser, the show that changed his life.

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