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Star Jones Weight Loss Journey: Why Did Jones Hid About Her Surgery?

Published Sat Sep 07 2019 By jessica
Star Jones Weight Loss Journey: Why Did Jones Hid About Her Surgery?

Prominent American author, journalist and tv host, Star Jones always remained upfront to share most of the things that concerned herself to her fans and the public, in general.

Jones, who suffered from weight issues, however, always kept one thing hidden from her fans: her weight loss surgery. Jone, indeed kept it a secret for years until she opened up about it in 2007. See more details below.

Star Jones Weight Loss Journey: The TV Host Couldn't Watch Herself On The Camera

Star Jones who hosted the popular tv show; The View is known as a lawyer, author of 'You Have to Stand for Something, Or You'll Fall for Anything' and a fashion designer. The Award-winning North Carolina native also does advocacy for diversity and women representation.

Star Jones before and after losing weight. 
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Although Jones was on the peak of her success since the early 90s', the tv host soon began facing serious issues when she couldn't stop gaining weight. Jones, in an interview with Oprah, calls herself being 'morbidly obese'. Matter of fact, she reached more than 300 Ibs in 2003, the same year she underwent the knife.

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Jones' issues with weight gain became so avidly destructive to herself that she couldn't watch herself on the camera. The worst of it all was that she lost her fans who once sent her emails full of kind and supporting words.

It just didn't take long for the fans to send her derogatory letters that read stuff like "we can hear you breathe" after she continuously gained weight. For, Jones, things kept turning more worse to the point that she became depressed and didn't even realize about it until years later.

Star had isolated herself from her family, friends and what remained of her fans.

Why Did Star Jones Undergo a Surgery?

Between her 40 and 41st birthday, Jones gained over 70 Ibs. When Jones weight peaked at more than 300 Ibs, the attorney decided it was time to step up the game to lose her weight. In 2003, Jones decided to go for a gastric bypass treatment to shed her weight that made her insecure and miserable.

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A gastric bypass treatment is a popular kind of weight loss surgery where a large portion of the stomach is removed which leads to help its patients in consuming less food that eventually results in losing weight.

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Following the surgery, Jones decided to keep it a secret from her audience feeling scared and ashamed that she couldn't do it on her own without having to rely on a surgery.

The surgery helped Jones lose over 160 Ibs which made the audience witnessed a gradual weight loss. Jones, however, always decided to seal her lips to speak on her weight loss. Unfortunately, this didn't go well and soon cost Jones her job and a wedding controversy.

As much as she didn't want to keep it a secret that made her emotionally drained, Jones seemed to have no option other than suffer in silence. Jones was lonely most of the time. 

Jones reveals how after attending events and ceremony, she would be eating alone by herself. Jones was pretentious of how great her life was going on. But, on the inside, she was actually dying.

Jones then sought therapy to deal with her pain. Luckily, the therapy helped her love herself and accept her true self all over again.

On the contrary, it appeared as if it wasn't only just Jones who had to lie about her surgery but her co-host Barbara Walters too who as well knew about the surgery all along but had to cope with her secrets and go along with the lie.

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Walters, in another interview with Oprah, reveals how she knew about the surgery but hated to lie on the sets on the show which was all about honesty and truths. 

Star Jones in December 2018. 
Source: Instagram (starjonesq)

As per Walters, one of the reasons why Jones lost her fans is considered to be how irrelevant she became with her fans after undergoing the surgery. She claims Jones shouldn't have lied about her weight loss secrets being a Pilates diet instead of being honest on it.

Gastric bypass isn't the only surgery Jones have undergone. Two years after her divorce with first husband, Al Reynolds, Jones underwent cardiac surgery in 2010. Luckily, she survived the heart disease she was relatively diagnosed along with a thoracic tumor for years ago.

Jones claims gastric bypass surgery saved her life and that she is proud of finally being honest on her weight loss journey. Jones, however, also insists that her journey is far from over. And, we wish her all the best.

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