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Shonda Rhimes Weight Loss Secrets: How The Producer Lost 150 lbs

Published Sat Sep 07 2019 By jessica
Shonda Rhimes Weight Loss Secrets: How The Producer Lost 150 lbs

Shonda Rhimes is the genius who created hit tv shows including Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, Private Practice and one of the ever loved movies among the youngsters, The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement.

Over the years, the one thing the writer and producer, however, couldn't create and apply was a healthy eating habit. Needless to say, she was struggling to get rid of her heavyweight.

Moreover, it wasn't until she learned how serious her weight issue has gotten when she couldn't buckle up her seat belt on a flight. She knew she had to change that. And, impressively, she did make it happen. So, what's the secret behind Shonda Rhimes' weight loss?

Shonda Rhimes Weight Loss Transformation: Know All The Details

The success behind Shonda Rhimes's weight loss secret is simple: hard work. It took her years of efforts and sacrifices that included staying away from her favorite food item: fried chicken. But without the dedication and hard work, Shonda surely wouldn't have lost a whopping of 150 Ibs.

Shonda Rhimes after losing more than 150 lbs. 
Source: Closer Weekly.

Rhimes is a mother of three children, Harper Rhimes, Beckett Rhimes, and Emerson Pearl Rhimes, also one of the motivation factors behind her weight loss journey. The writer wanted to make sure she was here for a long time to be with her children.

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Luckily for her fans, Rhimes spilled all the secrets behind her drastic weight loss. See more details below.

Did Shonda Rhimes Undergo Surgery?

A lot of people especially celebrities tend to go under weight-loss surgeries such as Liposuction and gastric bypass surgery to shed all the extra lbs. The surgeries work miraculously and rarely fails to provide great results.

Shonda Rhimes drastic weight loss transformation. 
Source: Celebrity Health Fitness

Rhimes, however, didn't undergo the knife. All she did was maintain a strict diet and drip immeasurable sweats in the gym. Matter of fact, Shonda Rhimes discusses her weight loss journey in her book, Year of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand In the Sun and Be Your Own Person which she published in 2015.

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Following the wake-up call, after she couldn't fasten her seat belt and not being able to walk longer without having to take a break, Shonda sought help from a physician, hired a personal trainer and consulted a nutritionist too.

Like the Eiffel wasn't built in a day, Shonda took baby steps in losing her weight. Whilst she didn't reach her ultimate goal in a day or a couple of weeks, her weight loss plan was slowly but positively keeping a control of her blood pressure and cholesterol level.

Diets and Workout Secrets

Rhimes' personal trainer made sure to keep her on the treadmill, Pilates, invest her in doing cardio, hiking, jogging and all the physical load she needed to do to burn her fats.

The author was strictly allowed to eat at the right time and only when she was hungry. This was surely one of the hardest rules to follow, but the producer managed it try it off by eating in fewer portions whenever she was eating.

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Besides, Rhimes made sure to remain hydrated all the time too. Matter of fact, she drinks more than seven cups of water every day. Drinking water doesn't only help you in shedding weight but also in keeping the skin glow, something the producer related to.

Rhimes surely might have hated every minute of it or that she still does, but look how far she has come.

Rhimes Earned More Attention & Compliments

Soon after losing more than 150 lbs that made her replace new size clothes on her closets, Shonda Rhimes also writed in her book, that she started to receive more attention and compliments from men and women everywhere she went to.

Shonda Rhimes flaunts her much leaner body at an event. 
Source: Today

If anything, this took the writer by a surprise. And, instead of being happy about it, she was actually mad. In the perspective of Shonda, she realized how she was treated before she lost weight. She began to question if people had wanted to avoid her all the time and that if they didn't find her worthy whilst she was not lean.

Rhimes also made sure to let her readers know that having a certain body size doesn't make one a superior or inferior. In her words and acknowledgment, she wrote:

"Because being thinner doesn’t make you a different person. It just makes you thinner."

A round of applause for Shonda Rhimes for always keeping it real, please!


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