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Ketogenic & Less Sugar Diet Helped Sherri Shepherd With Her Weight Loss Transformation

Published Tue Sep 10 2019 By jessica
Ketogenic & Less Sugar Diet Helped Sherri Shepherd With Her Weight Loss Transformation

We would like to acknowledge the tremendous and motivating weight loss transformation of actress Sherri Shepherd. The former host of 'The View' shed a whopping of more than 50 Ibs through hard work and efforts in less than a year.  

As for someone with a heavy body that weighs more than 180 Ibs, it's not easy peasy to do such thing at all. But, as for the actress, Miss Shepherd made sure she removed the 'Im' from the word, 'Impossible'. Luckily, Sherri has also always been honest with her weight loss journey. So, what are her secrets?

Drastic Weight Loss Results Of Sherri Shepherd Everyone Must See

American actress and host Sherri Shepherd is known for her appearance in numerous television shows and movies including Precious, Less Than Perfect, Trial & Error, Mr. Iglesias and One For The Money among others. Shepherd is also known as a comedian and author.

Before & After weight loss results of Sherri Shepherd.
Source: Instagram (sherrieshepherd)

Shepherd is the author Permission Slips: Every Woman's Guide to Giving Herself a Break, and Plan D where she discusses on her weight loss journey alongside her diagnosis with diabetes. The How I Met Your Mother alum has Type 2 diabetes.

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In most cases, type 2 diabetes is some of the major causes of weight gain and obesity. As for Shepherd, she was pre-diabetic before being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

So, what Motivated Shepherd?

In an interview on The Wendy Williams show, Shepherd reveals how it was her son who opened her eyes. Sherri Shepherd is the mother of two children including Jeffrey Charles Tarpley, the actress shares with her first husband, Jeff Tarpley, and Lamar Sally, Jr. who was welcomed via surrogacy the actress shares with second husband, Lamar Sally.

Sherri Shepherd and her younger son, Lamar Sally, Jr..
Source: xoNecole

Shepherd and Jeffrey were in the backseat of the car when the actress happened to be eating something she apparently wasn't allowed to. It was Jeffrey who said something touche out of worrisome that something would happen to his mother if she kept on eating unhealthy.

The exact moment ignited and motivated Shepherd to lose weight.

Sherri Shepherd Cut Off Sugar Intake

When Shepherd realized the risk of overweight it could cause to her health, she decided it was time to get serious and lose weight. Earlier, this year in February, as of 2019, the actress decided to reveal all of her weight loss secrets and journey.

According to the mother of two children who is a victim of diabetes type 2 highly common in adults, the first thing she did was on deciding to cut off taking high level of sugar amount. Health experts say high intake of sugar can increase the sugar level which automatically leads to weight and fat gain.

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Shepherd cut off sugar from February 2018. Matter of fact, even when she is eating outside at restaurants, the tv host checks for something that has less sugar. Proudly claiming on her less sugar diet, Shepherd took to Instagram to announce she was sugar-free for more than 260 days.

Ketogenic Diet Came To the Rescue

Like most of the celebrities who have been following Ketogenic diets that highly emphasized on consuming low-carbs and high-fat food, Sherri Shepherd as well relied on the trendy diet.

Sherri Shepherd follows ketogenic diet. 
Source: Women's Health

Shepherd might not enjoy her weight loss diet and misses her favorite indulgence, but without following a strict diet, she would have never reached her goal. The actress ingests low carbs and high-fat food and avoids oily food.

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Diets that contained vegetables, protein to reduce the level of hunger and less sugar are her high fulfillment. Besides, she doesn't even eye the salad dressing when she goes out for dinner. Even when she makes her own, Shepherd makes sure to use olive oil that highly prevents from getting stroke.

The last but not least, Sherri Shepherd remains conscious that she stays hydrated all the time.

Only in less than 10 months with determination, Sherri Shepherd lost over 45 Ibs. She previously weighed over 189 Ibs in 2018 but currently weighs less than 150 Ibs, a year later. Additionally, her waistline also went from 47 to 35. 

Sherri Shepherd's journey, however, hasn't stopped yet, though. She is currently working on to reach her dream waist size, which is 27. And, we're certain she will definitely accomplish it soon.


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