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Secrets To Tami Roman Weight Loss Transformation & Journey

Published Wed Sep 18 2019 By jessica
Secrets To Tami Roman Weight Loss Transformation & Journey

Diabetes is no joke. And who would understand the statement better than the people dealing with it including the beautiful tv personality Tami Roman?

The Basketball Wives alum has endured fluctuant weight loss and gain over the years since she stepped into the showbiz world. With no further ado, discover how Roman dropped some weight and still maintains to keep in shape.

Tami Roman Diagnosis With Diabetes

Although Tami Roman who is known for her appearance in several tv shows including Basketball Wives, The Real World: Los Angeles, and Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars has had successful weight loss results, her diabetes gave her hard times to reach her exact goal.

A before & after comparison of TV Star Tami Roman's weight loss transformation. 
Source: Official Tami Roman 

When Roman learned that she had diabetes in the mid 2010s', her weight started to gain back, much heavier and worse this time. The tv star even had recently given up smoking at the time and had only undergone an expensive plastic surgery called liposuction to remove all the fats from her body in 2011.

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The mother of two didn't realize how big the issues have gotten until she weighed and found out she was 185 Ibs, some of the heaviest number she has ever been at. The moment took Roman by a surprise but also gave the courage that she had to do something about it.

Roman Took Weight Loss Pill

Following the shocking weight gain, Roman started to take a weight loss pill to drop those unwanted pounds. Matter of fact, she was loyally taking the pills from one of the popular brands called NV Clinical for a long period of time.

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With the use of the product, Roman dropped an impressive amount of 30 Ibs which even landed her on to work with the company to promote the pills by appearing on its an advertisement. See a clip of the ad below.

On the contrary, although Roman's weight loss journey was successful, she still wasn't able to hit her goals which were size 10 and 12. Roman, however, later realized there was more to do, and not just for her weight but for her health too.

All Tami Needed Was An Advice From A Close Friend

When the tv personality reached out to close friend, Halle Berry who as well has a diabetes diagnosis, she was ignited with some great lessons from Berry on whether to chose to die or to continue live with the disease.

In her words, Roman quoted what Berry said:

"You can continue thinking about what you think and doing what you’re doing, but you’re not going to be here long."

It was after that, the actress and producer decided to focus on eating healthy. Roman has also since updated positive and motivating posts on Instagram regarding her weight loss journey.

Only in June 2018, Roman shared a stunning picture of herself in writing she didn't lose weight but 'the willingness to die'. Roman also made sure to mention that she was living for her two beautiful daughters; Lyric and Jazz Anderson, the actress shares with former husband Kenny Anderson

Well done, Tami.

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