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Sara Rue Weight Loss Story: Learn Why Age Is No Limit

Published Thu Sep 05 2019 By jessica
Sara Rue Weight Loss Story: Learn Why Age Is No Limit

Sara Rue is seriously aging backward. Like with a face and body like that who would believe it that she is currently only 40? Thanks to the tremendous weight loss journey though.

It's also like the actress has never known a dull day since shedding all the extra pounds in 2010. And, what a weight loss transformation it was. It's been nearly a decade since her drastic weight loss transformation, but Rue has never looked back, and never will.

Clearly, we haven't forgotten how far she has come. Also, on the bright side, the Less Than Perfect alum never intends to be shy on spilling all the guts behind her dramatic weight loss secrets. Keep scrolling to learn them below. 

Sara Rue Weight Loss Transformation: Why She Began At The Age Of 30

New York-born and raised, actress Sara Rue is an American actress known for her roles in Less Than Perfect, Mom, Pearl Harbor, Malibu Country, and Impastor among others. The former tv host of Shedding for the Wedding embarked her acting career at the tender age of nine only.

Sara Rue lost 50 Ibs before her wedding in 2011.

Well, speaking of her then-over sized body, the issue was something the actress had always faced with whilst growing up. If one were to look at the old pictures and the videos from her early life and old tv shows or movies, her pain can be pretty understandable.

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As a plus-size woman, Rue wouldn't stop eating without being aware that she was over eating. Also as an actress, the struggle started to become bigger when she realized that being fat wasn't let you get you a certain part or a film role because of your weight.

But, not long after the actress turned thirty, she realized that she needed to step up her weight loss game. This time, Sara didn't want to wait until she was forty. Because she knew that waiting till she turned forty was only gonna make her wait till fifty. She had a particular vision to what she wanted to look like in her near future.

Besides, Rue was also concerned about her health knowing how obesity and overweight could cause the high risk of diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Not to mention, the celebrity also decided to lose weight not just for her physical but for her mental health too.

And it was a perfect timing! At the time when Rue began losing weight, she was soon going to become a bride to her husband, Kevin Price who she wed in 2011. The couple also shares two children including Talulah Rue Price, born in 2011 and Adelaide Rue Price who the couple adopted in November 2016. Rue was previously married to former husband, Mischa Livingstone.

Sara Rue alongside husband, Kevin Price and two daughters. 
Source: People

Rue describes losing weight being nothing but an emotional and complicated thing. But, luckily it looks as if Jenny Craig, an American-Australian based nutrition and weight loss company, came to the rescue to help her on the journey. The first month was still the hardest for her, though.

There was no personal chef for the actress, but with serious fitness plan and well-managed diet plan, Sara Rue was successful to achieve her dream body. See more secrets to Rue's weight loss below.

Diets and Workouts Plan

In an interview, Sara Rue claims she didn't totally cut off eating her favorite snacks. She only managed to plan her diet by taking the right portion everyday. As her job requires her running time to time all the time, Rue managed to stay alert on the amount and times of food she was consuming.

Fun fact: After losing weight, Rue wore and posed in a bikini for a shoot for the first time ever.

The actress, however, highly focused on eating plant-based diete like most of the celebrities. She only consumed 1700 calorie per day and avoided protein after 7 in the evening. Besides, Rue also spent a lot of time in the gym where she spent hours on the treadmill and doing cardio. Other physical plans included hiking, jogging, spin classes and mostly by staying active. Impressively, in less than a year, Rue lost 50 Ibs.

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After going through it all, Rue came to the knowledge that it's not about being skinny or looking certain way but being healthy and fit as one can possibly be. The actress wants anyone on the same journey to seek help if they sense something is going wrong.

And, last but not least, it's also always about hard work. Rue opposes the conception of how people think that celebrities have it easy when it comes to losing weight, but, when in reality, it takes them the same efforts as it takes anyone. True that.


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