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Randy Jackson Weight Loss Story: Struggle With Obesity

Published Fri Sep 06 2019 By jessica
Randy Jackson Weight Loss Story: Struggle With Obesity

Grammy-winning singer and producer Randy Jackson looks all healthy and fit today. But, that's definitely how you expect to see him in 2003 before he underwent gastric bypass surgery.

Growing up, Jackson suffered from obesity since the beginning of his early days caused by his addiction to delicious but unhealthy food. The singer was, indeed, a massive foodie.

Obesity caused more serious issues for the singer when he discovered that he had type 2 diabetes in early 2000s'. And, this led the singer to undergo a gastric surgery that made him lose a whopping of over 100 Ibs. So, what does Jackson say about his weight loss journey?

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Born as Randall Darius Jackson, Louisiana native Randy Jackson, is an American singer, producer, and businessman. Randy who spent most of his early life and childhood in Louisiana proudly claims to be from a place where 'food and good times were kings'.

Rnady Jackson was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2001. 
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Jackson was eating at any chance he could get. It was not just about the eating though that caused him an obese body but obviously the oily and unhealthy food. But, turning into a massive guy didn't do well until he learned from his doctor that he had type 2 diabetes in 2001.

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To lead a healthy lifestyle, Randall had to focus on eating less and healthy, of course. Determined to lose weight, the singer tried and opted to do everything he could possibly do. From eating a plant-based diet to liquid fasts to joking saying in an interview that he even tried the 'urine of pregnant women', Jackson opted for everything.

Unfortunately, his weight loss efforts did no favor in return. Randy claims that not everything that is out there works for people with obesity. He learns that everyone has a different body that requires different treatment. And, for his weight loss goal, the last option left for Jackson was gastric bypass surgery.

Randy Jackson Undergoes Weight Loss Surgery

In order to lose weight, Randy Jackson underwent gastric bypass surgery in 2003. He weighed near 350 lbs at the time. Gastric bypass surgery is a kind of weight loss surgery where the surgeon removes the 90% of the stomach that helps the patients consume less food.

Randay Jackson today all fit and healthy. 
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Meanwhile, apart from Randy, other celebrities including Rosie O'Donnell, Al Roker, Roseanne Barr, Melissa McCarthy, Mama June, and Carnie Wilson, have underwent the same surgery to lose weight.

For Jackson, the surgery worked as it worked for most of the people that tried the surgery. The singer lost 100 pounds immediately in pace after the gastric surgery. Unfortunately, Jackson's body wasn't suitable for the surgery. And, a few months later, Jackson started to gain back all the weight he lost in the previous months.

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The singer had to find a way to maintain his weight. For which, the singer then decided to focus on eating healthy and dripping sweats in the gym. Besides, Jackson also learned to cook healthy at home. To name some of his favorite meals, they include salt-free Cajun spice bread and low fat sweet fat potato.

American Idol alum Randy Jackson.
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It's been over a decade since Jackson embarked on his weight loss journey, but with a good balance between diet, stretching and hours of treadmill in gym and yoga, Randy Jackson managed to look healthy and fit to this day. "The signal to stop eating is going to come from your body, not an empty plate," says the American Idol alum.

In 2002, Randy Jackson published his own book titled: "Body with Soul: Shed Pounds, End Diabetes, and Transform Your Health" that manifests about the diet plan and the healthy lifestyle of the singer.



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