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Queen Latifah Weight Loss Transformation: Learn How The Singer Lost 20 Ibs Without Dieting

Published Sat Sep 07 2019 By jessica
Queen Latifah Weight Loss Transformation: Learn How The Singer Lost 20 Ibs Without Dieting

At the age of 18 whilst looking at the mirror, Queen Latifah decided she was either going to love herself or hate herself. The rapper didn't go for the latter and thus, is the reason why she wouldn't have been where she is today.

Latifah doesn't flaunt a skinny or a size zero body, but her stance on healthy lifestyle is something that definitely deserves to be appreciated and heard of. Precisely, the actress grew more conscious of her weight and health in the early 2000s'. And, before she knew it, she lost 20 Ibs, since starting to focus on her weight.

Queen Latifah Weight Loss Transformation: All The Details

Queen Latifah, whose real name is Dana Elaine Owens, is a Grammy-winning American rapper, actress and producer, known for her roles in notable movies including Taxi, The Girls Trip, Set It Off, and Last Holiday among others.

Queen Latifah before and after losing weight: 
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Speaking of Latifah's weight loss transformation, Latifah began looking leaner in the early 2000s when she lost more than 25 Ibs. As for the actress, it wasn't about looking skinny though, but to fight off health diseases such as heart attack and obesity. Latifah has also undergne a breast surgery reduction to balance the shape of her body after losing over 25 Ibs in 2003.

Guides to Queen Latifah Weight Loss Secrets

The first thing Queen Latifah decided to do so she could lead a healthy lifestyle was to cut off the hardcore partying lifestyle she was on despite being in her early forties. And, determined to be in shape and shed some extra pounds, she consulted her personal trainer, Jeanette Jenkins.

Queen Latifah flaunts her hourglass body at the Grammy Awards ceremony.
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Jenkins is one of Hollywood's famous personal trainer who founded the Hollywood Trainer fitness company. The host of My Workout: Powered by Podfitness holds the records of working with several elite celebrities in Hollywood.

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The actress says she doesn't highly focus on maintaining a strict diet but relies on the consumption of healthy food. So, what are the foods, she eats to focus on her diet?

Latifah's Diet Secrets

The rapper's diet is highly concerned over-consuming citrus fruits and grapefruit that helps her body craves less calorie indulgence and burn fight fat. Latifah also highly takes lean meats and green vegetables that contain high fiber.

Queen Latifah's before and after weight loss comparison.
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Matter of fact, vegetables are mandatory for the actress as she takes them for every meal of the day. Besides, the New Jersey native consumes probiotics, a kind of microorganisms that are taken for a healthy immune system which also prevents illnesses. One of the actress' main secrets also involves highly drinking water that helps in improvement of high metabolism.

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The actress takes green tea to balance her blood sugar and to prevent cancer. Last but not least, Latifah also takes Yerba Mate, a kind of all in one drink that helps in burning fat and improving mental health.

Queen Latifah Also Practices Yoga

With assistance from Jenkins, Latifah regularly does yoga and hits the gym at least five times a week. The actress' gym hours is highly spent with treadmills and elliptical machine.

Another different kind of Latifah's exercises involves pilates and cross-training. The actress also does hiking, biking, boogie-boarding and jogging regularly with Jenkinher trainer. Latifah says that doing different physical activity helps in making you fresh and keeps you out of boredom and monotonousness feeling.

In addition, Latifah also sought treatment from Jenny Craig, an American and Australian nutrition-based company that guides its customers in leading and maintaining a healthy diet system.

Well, we hope, Queen Latifah continues to focus on her body and inspires her fans as she always has.


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