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Mitt Romney Net Worth: Details About The Junior United States Senator's Houses, Cars, and Properties

Published Wed Aug 21 2019 By jessica
Mitt Romney Net Worth: Details About The Junior United States Senator's Houses, Cars, and Properties

When Mitt Romney ran for the Presidential election in 2012, he invested over $112 million for his campaigns out of his, $45 millions were his own. Unfortunately, he lost out the election battle to the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama despite such huge monetary sacrifice. On the contrary, that still didn't affect his economic status. 

Romney is richer than one can think. Over the five decades of his career, the former US Senator and Governor made an impressive worth of money. Here, see all the details to his net worth and earnings.

Mitt Romney's Net Worth Details

Donald Trump is not the only richest President or the richest Presidential candidate in the history of the US Presidential election. Mitt Romney, plainly, joins the shortlist name. Although Romney isn't a billionaire like Trump who bags a net worth of $3.1 billion, his worth still accumulates over a whopping amount of $100 million.

Mitt Romney's net worth is estimated to be between $190 - $250 million.
Source: The Rude Awakening

Only in the last three years, Romney made near $84 million with his federal taxes totaling $18.1 million, as real estate taxes was calculated at $6.7 million while charitable donations were numbered at $11.1 million. The information was released by his campaign documents.

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Moreover, the 70th Governor of Massachusetts had a total gross income amount of $41.5 million in 2015 followed by $20 million the next year and $22.3 million in 2017. But, only back in 2012, at the time he ran for the Presidential election, his total net worth figure shared along with his wife, Ann Romney was estimated between $190 million - $250 million.

Mitt Romney's Earnings

As a public official of the United States, Mitt Romney served in high government positions including as the 70th Governor Massachusetts from 2003 till 2007 and as the junior Utah Senator from Jan 2019. But, Romney rose to his utmost prominence when he was selected as the presidential candidate from the Republican party in 2012 against Obama whose net worth is estimated to be near $40 million.

On average, US governors make a yearly earning of more than $128,735 whilst the US Senators can make $174,000. They were previously paid in the range of $160,000 - $169,300. However, as for Romney, his government jobs are not the only earning sources that made him crazily wealthy, as for a government official, of course.

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Mitt Romney makes staggeringly impressive amount from giving speeches at public major events. In one of the previous years, he made over $1.4 million from providing eight speeches with gaining more than $100,000 per speech. The highest-earning public speaker currently counts as Trump who made $1 million for an hour speech in 2006/7.

Mitt Romney's Assets/Properties

Romney has a large investment in different parts of the United States. His other major earning are also totaled from his investments. 

Whilst working at Massachusetts, he accumulated his wealth by contributing to Bain Capital which definitely gave him a big amount of earning. Besides, he is also the co-owner of apartment buildings in Silver Spring - Maryland and Wichita - Kansas that is worth near $6 million in total.

Childhood home of Mitt Roney where he lived until 5.
Source: Zillow

Not to mention, Romney also owns gold worth more than $500,000. As a government official, he didn't have a permanent home. The Michigan native lived in many places around the States. In the meantime, the grandfather of twenty-four grandchildren mostly lives in between Belmont Massachusetts and hometown; Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

Romney, however, owns real estate in California, New Hampshire, and Utah too apart from Michigan and Massachusetts. As a child, till he was 5, he lived in a 5500 square foot home in the neighborhood of Detroit Palmer Woods.

Mitt Romney's summer home in New Hampshire. 
Source: Zillow

In 1989, 5 years after successfully running Bain Capital Romney's family shifted into a 7 bedroom with 6.5 bathroom mansion the couple bought for $890,000. But their home was sold at the price of $3.6 million after living there for over two decades, in 2009.

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Furthermore, he also owns and owned several vacation homes including in California where he owns a $12 million mansion he bought in 2008. In Park City, Utah, he bought a 9,514-square-foot home in 1999 but sold in 2009 for $5.25 million.

Likewise, in New Hampshire, he bought a 5,400-square-foot with 3 stories and 6 bedroom summer house for $3 million. The summer vacation home currently sits at the price of $10 million. Not to mention, Mitt and Ann also bought a modern 2,100-square-foot with a two-bedroom mansion in 2010 for $895,000.

Mitt Romney's Cars & Rides

Mansions are not the only things Romney is passionate about. The Senator has a massive cool collection of several brands' cars. The son of the president of the former American Motors Corporation even has an elevator that will lead you to his two-story garage.

Mitt Romney's first car, Nash Rambler (1962 and 1963). 
Source: Huff Post

The car enthusiast has a collection of Chevrolet Silverado Crew Cab which cost in ranges between $33,000-$45000, 1996 Saab 9000 Turbo which can cost $14,000, and Cadillac SRX (2007 and 2010) that can cost around $35,000 - $75,000.

Not to mention the classic Nash Rambler (1962 and 1963) aka Mitt's first car that approximately costs $25,000, Chevrolet Caprice Station Wagon which costs $30,000, Cadillac Escalade which is currently priced at $75,195, Dodge Pickup which costs $31,695, and 1985 BMW which can cost up to $3 million.

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