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Missy Elliott Weight Loss Journey: See The Shocking Secrets

Published Mon Sep 02 2019 By admin
Missy Elliott Weight Loss Journey: See The Shocking Secrets

Just when you're ready to get this bread, you happen to find out that Missy Elliot shed over 20 Ibs by cutting off eating bread for months. In case anyone hasn't noticed but Missy Elliott has been aging backward. All thanks to her dramatic weight loss transformation.

Who knew by only removing bread from your diet would do such a miracle on losing your weight? Apparently, consuming just two slices of bread every day can cause the risk of obesity or gaining weight. But, wait eliminating bread is not the only regimen Missy Elliot opted for shedding pounds. There's more. See all of her weight loss secrets below.

Missy Elliott Weight Loss Journey: Behind The Secrets

Missy Elliot whose real name is Melissa Arnette Elliott, is an American rapper, songwriter and producer who began her musical journey after joining as one of the members of Sista at the beginning of the 90's era. Following the solo career in the late 90s', the rapper has definitely come along way with winning five Grammy Awards.

Missy Elliott is diagnosed with Graves' disease.

Speaking of the artists' weight loss journey, Missy Elliott, however, only began in the late 2000s' after discovering she was diagnosed with Graves' disease which makes the immune system of the body attack the thyroid hormone. But, the rapper made sure she would keep her healthy fit by keeping her diagnosis under control.

Missy Elliott Only Drank Water

Back in May 2018, Missy Elliot took to Instagram to showcase her new figure in a colorful printed suit with a full makeover. Elliot looked absolutely leaner and younger. And, before her fans could ask her about it, the rapper made sure to put everything on her weight loss secrets in the caption section.

Rapper Missy Elliott cut off bread from her diet and drank only water.

As per Elliott's post, it took her four months to lose some extra pounds around 40 Ibs. But, what did the rapper do in those four months of span? The four months were certainly gave her the hardest time. But, there is never success without hard work and determination.

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Well, the Virginia native cut off drinking high sugar drinks and soda and opted for drinking water only. Drinking only water didn't only help her shed weight but did magic for her skin too. Elliott proudly wrote: "it really restore glow back & I don’t feel sluggish". Not to mention, she completely cut off bread from her diet too.

On the contrary, Missy Elliott claimed she still struggled with maintaining her diet. Matter of fact, Elliott was still looking for a way to cut off junk food aka her ultimate weakness. But, cheating on her diet by enjoying two cupcakes a month wasn't going to hurt the 'Work It' hitmaker, or was it?

Missy Elliott's Advice For Fans

The rapper doesn't believe in age or any issues standing on your way to accomplish your goals. Miss Elliott wants her fans to know that as long as they're breathing, it's an enough reason to isolate them from the negativity and motivate themselves.

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Elliott looks upon fellow rapper Sean Combs, Mary J. Blige, and Faith Evans as her inspiration, aka the reason why started rapping. Thus, she wants to set up an example for her fans to be the reason behind what they do.

Miss Eliott alongside wife rapper Sharaya J.

Missy Elliott is reportedly married to rapper Sharaya J., who she dated for five years prior to their secretly held wedding in early 2018. Elliott is also a mother of two children whose identity is not disclosed to the public yet.


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