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Miranda Lambert Weight Loss Diet Secrets: Everything You Need To Know

Published Tue Sep 03 2019 By jessica
Miranda Lambert Weight Loss Diet Secrets: Everything You Need To Know

When you're in the limelight, keeping your body in shape is one major important thing. Since the show biz world can sometimes be toxic considering how it pokes at celebrities looks and body, a lot of celebrities for various reasons including insecurities and adapting healthy lifestyle have drastically transformed their weight.

Popular country singer Miranda Lambert as well underwent a drastic weight loss transformation to adapt a healthy lifestyle. The singer, in fact, lost 20 Ibs to reshape her body to look leaner and healthier. So, how did she do it? Luckily, for you guys, we have all the weight loss secrets of the singer for you guys.

Miranda Lambert Weight Loss Transformation: How She Lost 20 Ibs

Miranda Leigh Lambert is an Award-winning American singer who embarked her musical journey after signing up at the Nashville Star where she came in third place in 2003. Since then, Lambart went on to produce multiple hit songs and album with winning prizes along the way with a Grammy award.

Miranda Lambert lost 20 Ibs after embarking on her weight loss journey.

In 2016, Lambert released her sixth studio album titled 'The Weight of These Wings' and for the record, she was inspired to work on losing her weight. Ironically, she was approached by a weight loss company to work with her then.

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Lambert was only size 8 at the time, but was proposed to lose 40 Ibs. Whilst the singer knew she had to shed like only 15 Ibs, she decided to work on her weight in a paced manner. From a plant-based diet to a regular dedication in the gym, she tried it all out.

Miranda Lambert's Diet Secrets

Since the diet is one main source to lose weight, Miranda Lambert made sure she was totally keeping a sharp eye on her diet from being messed. Lambert began her diet with Nutrisystem but got tired of it after a month. 

Lambert even quit Fad Diets after consuming broccoli, carrot, cheese, and ranch. Fad diets are a trendy diet that helps in losing weight and similar other weight and health benefits needed for the body.

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Maintaining a diet wasn't easy though. Considering how Lambert didn't like vegies, she struggled with keeping up with her new diets in the beginning. But it was only a matter of time that helped her.

The House That Built Me singer added tons of vegetable and fruits to her diet. And, gladly, the singer began enjoying them. She even found a better method to keep up with her veggies diet and drank vegetable juice to avoid the mess done by cutting them.

Besides, Miranda also added more high fiber, low calorie and protein-based diet which included eggs and chicken breast. The protein-based diet helps in the reduction of feeling hungry. The singer also enjoyed green tea, avocado, lentil, and vegetable soup.

Miranda Lambert's Workout Secrets

Of course, focusing only on the diet was not going to help Lambert reach her goals. And for that, Lambert was working out regularly. In order to stay fit, Lambert opted for a circuit training as the singer wasn't fond of performing similar workouts repeatedly.

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To avoid the feeling of monotonous exercise routine, Lambert performed different types of exercise in the gym. And, consequently, Miranda lost over 20 Ibs in 2016. When she appeared to promote her new album and perform on stage, the singer noticeably looked more chiseled and lean.

Miranda Lambert and husband Brendan Mcloughlin tied the knot in 2019. Source: Hollywood Life

At the time of recording her sixth album, Lambert split from her first husband, Blake Shelton after four years of togetherness. Lambert is currently happily married to her second husband, Brendan Mcloughlin, an NYC police officer.

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