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Mae Margaret Whitman Calls Miles Heizer The 'Love Of My Life': Are They Dating?

Published Wed Sep 04 2019 By jessica
Mae Margaret Whitman Calls Miles Heizer The 'Love Of My Life': Are They Dating?

Sorry to all the young girls out there who fancy the 13 Reasons Why star, Miles Heizer aka the Young Goth as he claims himself to be. Rumor has it that the Kentucky native who made it big in Hollywood is apparently taken by someone special.

Apparently, Heizer is said to be dating none other than his Parenthood co-star, Mae Whitman, the daughter of voice actress, Pat Musick. Mae and Miles have known each other for years since they met on the set of Parenthood that successfully ran for five years since 2010. So, could there be a chance that these two young lovebirds are crushing over each other?

Are Mae Margaret Whitman and Miles Heizer Just Best Friends Or Is Their More?

Thanks to Netflix' hit series, 13 Reasons Why that gave a boost to the acting career of Miles Heizer who has also contributed to other television series and movies including Nerve, Love, Simon, and Rails & Ties. The Best Leading Young Actor in a Feature Film nominated actor has been stated to be single until speculations surfaced he was dating Mae Margaret Whitman.

Parenthood casts Miles Heizer and Mae Margaret.

As for, Whitman; one of the top-notch actresses in both on-screen and off-screen field began her acting career as a child actor. She is known for her roles in Good Girls, The DUFF, The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Hope Floats among others.

Speaking of Mae and Heizer, the two have been closer to the core ever since working as siblings on Parenthood. And, by the way things are between the two, anyone would be certainly jealous. We mean, have you seen the posts and the pictures of them on Instagram?

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Both Miles and Mae regularly share little glimpses of their shenanigans on the photo-sharing platform with sarcastic yet cute captions. Needless to say, it must be their cool, witty and laid back personality that brought the two instantly closer and together.

Oh, and, in case you haven't noticed or seen it yet, Miles shared pictures of the duo with a caption calling Mae his wife, hero, and even a mother. What? Wait, there's more. In one of her Instagram posts which showcases Miles being playful with an adorable puppy, Mae calls him the 'love of my life'.

Back in June 2015, Mae shared a picture of kissing Miles with a slight peck on Instagram on the day of National Sibling Day.

Mae Whitman kisses Miles Heizer on the occasion of National Sibling Day.

Not to put a blind eye on it, the duo shares a precious and dear bond despite the age gap of six years between them. And, this, in recent time, has led to the conclusion that Miles and Mae were definitely going out together. The truth, however, isn't what everyone is thinking of.

To get straight to the point, nope! Miles and Mae are not dating.

Miles Heizer Gay Rumors.

Many believe that Miles Heizer is gay in much likeness to his 13RW co-star, Brandon Flynn who previously dated English singer, Sam Smith. The speculations on the gay news for Heizer began in 2016 when the actor himself shared a casual picture with Flynn and fellow co-star Alisha Boe who portrayed the role of Jessica in the series, on Instagram.

To be precise, the picture showcases both of the actors aka Miles and Brandon shirtless in a bed whilst Alisha clings to Heizer's shoulder. The picture was posted on the occasion of Brandon's birthday.

Whilst the majority of the fans are convinced that Miles is gay, the actor is yet to to even utter a word regarding his sexuality. As he prefers to keep his personal life under the radar, details on his relationship and sexuality are not discovered to the public yet.

Whatsoever, at least you guys have your answer now that Miles Heizer and Mae Margaret aren't dating and are just best friends and room partner. And at this point, let's just wait till Heizer confirms and sheds the light on everything himself.


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