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Lena Dunham Weight Loss Transformation; She Did It For Herself

Published Fri Aug 30 2019 By admin
Lena Dunham Weight Loss Transformation; She Did It For Herself

Lena Dunham's weight loss transformation is not the kind of weight loss story you want to see, but you should take a look at it anyway. Dunham doesn't flaunt a zero size figure. In fact, she struggled with self-acceptance and loving herself for years.

It took her a lot of courage and years for Dunham to love herself. But, hey she finally did it. After the Girls alum decided to work on her weight, she started doing exercises, something she struggled to do so for years. Dunham, however, didn't do it because she wanted to point out at those who bullied her or to look a certain way, but for damn herself.

Lena Dunham Weight Loss Transformation; All The Details

The multi-talented Lena Dunham is an American actress, director, and producer known for her contribution to HBO hit series; Girls, Camping, Tiny Furniture and Once Upon a Time In Hollywood. Over the years of her career, the actress endures body size and weight fluctuation.

Confident Lena Dunham showcases her curves in 2015. 
Source: Daily Mail

Losing weight wasn't the only issue Dunham struggled with though. She struggled with her mental health too. The actress says it took her sixteen years to step out of her danger zone and finally work out on her weight to feel positive about herself. See more details below.

Dunham's Weight Loss Journey

Lena sought assistance from personal trainer Tracy Anderson who worked with A-listers celebrity including Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, and Madonna. Anderson is the guy who wants his clients to feel good and strong rather than emphasizing on making them look good.

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After sixteen years, Lena was facing her fears, she finally hit the gym. With the help of her trainer, she was doing exercises that fit her. Dunham performed aerobics to strengthen her body. Besides, she also was jogging for an hour, something she found pleasurable.

Matter of fact, the physical activities she spent in the gym didn't only help her lose weight but helped her sooth her mental health too. As for Dunham who struggled with OCD, anxiety, and depression, she said, "It ain't about the**, it's about the brain".

Lena Dunham on 138 Ibs and on 162 Ibs.

Further speaking of her weight loss journey, the Golden Globe recipient, claims it doesn't matter if one should be good at something, but all that matters is that you try. Lena who campaigns for body positivity shared a deep and motivating message on Instagram with a before and after picture that read:

"On the left: 138 pounds, complimented all day and propositioned by men and on the cover of a tabloid about diets that work. Also, sick in the tissue and in the head and subsisting only on small amounts of sugar, tons of caffeine and a purse pharmacy. On the right: 162 pounds, happy joyous & free, complimented only by people that matter for reasons that matter, subsisting on a steady flow of fun/healthy snacks and apps and entrees, strong from lifting dogs and spirits. Even this OG body positivity warrior sometimes looks at the left picture longingly, until I remember the impossible pain that brought me there and onto my proverbial knees. As I type I can feel my back fat rolling up under my shoulder blades. I lean in."

After three years of working out on her body, Lena finally lost pounds that made the actress worth to put on a bikini. Dunham, however, started to gain back a few weight. According to the star, at the age of 32, she felt the heaviest she has ever been.

Positively, the only difference this time is that she couldn't care less about her weight gain. By this time, Dunham mastered the concept of loving herself. Matter of fact, she posted a picture of herself in nothing but two-piece lingerie. In her own words, she captioned the picture with saying:

"I love the most I ever have. I read and write and laugh the most I ever have. And I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. Not the frail, precarious happiness of “things are going perfectly.” The big, generous, jiggly happiness of “I think I’m finally starting to get the hang of this.” Not too much... Just enough."

Last year in October 2018, Lena Dunham underwent a hysterectomy surgery to remove her ovary to remove the pain caused by endometriosis. She took to Instagram with a post-surgery picture and shared her story writing:

"Yesterday I had a two-hour surgery to remove my left ovary, which was encased in scar tissue & fibrosis, attached to my bowel and pressing on nerves that made it kinda hard to walk/pee/vamp. Over the last month, it got worse and worse until I was simply a burrito posing as a human."

Lena continued:

"But a big lesson I’ve learned in all of this is that health, like most stuff, isn’t linear- things improve and things falter and you start living off only cranberry juice from a sippy cup/sleeping on a glorified heating pad but you’re also happier than you’ve been in years."

Dunham then concluded:

"to advocate for those of us who live at the cross section of physical and physic pain, to remind women that our stories don’t have to look one way, our pain is our gain and oh shit scars and mesh “panties” are the fucking jam."

What a Badass woman!


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