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Learn How Soleil Moon Frye Lost 40 Ibs Using NutriSystem

Published Tue Sep 17 2019 By jessica
Learn How Soleil Moon Frye Lost 40 Ibs Using NutriSystem

Ever since shedding the weight of more than 40 Ibs, it's like actress Soleil Moon Frye has never known a bad day. Chances are you will always find a great smile plastered over her chiseled pretty face.

Well, what's the reason behind Frye massive great weight loss transformation? Frye credits Nutrisystem, a company that provides nutritional and effective weight loss products and services.

Soleil Moon Frye's Struggles With Pregnancy Weight

Highly prominent for her role in Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Solei Moon Frye is an actor and writer who started her acting career at the fragile age of just two.

Soliel Moon Frye pictured alongside her family on a trip to Disneyland. 
Source: Instagram (moonfrye)

The actress is a mother to four beautiful children including Jagger Joseph Blue Goldberg, Poet Sienna Rose Goldberg, Lyric Sonny Roads Goldberg, and Story Goldberg, the former child actor shares with husband, Jason Goldberg of more than two decades.

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The Punky Brewster alum welcomed her fourth bundle of happiness in 2016 but even after surpassing the postpartum body phase, Soleil still struggled with getting back to her old shape.

Watch an interview video of Frye speaking of her weight loss transformation and more.

To be precise, Fyre's weight loss journey became tougher after giving birth to her third child. According to the actress, weight loss journey with her first and second children was much easier.

But thanks to NutriSystem that came to the rescue.

Frye Partnered Up With NutriSystem

Moreover, Moon Frye was still mistaken as a pregnant lady although she had already given birth to her baby six months ago. The actress reveals how once she jokingly answered that to a person who asked her when she was due. But, on the inside, Glendora felt she wasn't happy about it.

Soliel Moon Frye Lost 40 Ibs after teaming up with NutriSystem. 
Source: Closer Weekly

To make the situation worse with losing her pregnancy weight, she tried out all the necessary methods, from exercise to maintaining a proper diet. Unfortunately, nothing worked. And this made her realize that not every human body functions in the same manner.

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As the actress struggled to lose pregnancy weight, Soleil reached out to NutriSystem and also hired a personal trainer to help her out. However, this was not the first time Frye teamed up with the commercial weight-loss company, as an ambassador actually.

After joining NutriSystem, Soliel lost more than 40 Ibs. The credit to Frye's weight loss also goes to her friend, Melissa Joan Hart who as well underwent a drastic weight loss transformation. When Frye asked if NutriSystem really works, Hart was the one who assured her with her question.

Good for Frye, NutriSystem wasn't hard on the actress. Whilst a lot of people who go on a strict diet and starve themselves, Frye was enjoying waffles and sweets with the help of the company's product service.

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Additionally, Soliel enjoys some time at the gym where she does cardio whilst she also goes for jogging, playing beach volleyball and bike riding.

Soleil Is Proud Of Her Weight Loss Journey 

As for someone who grew famous since an early day of her life, Soliel was used to receiving all the compliments, but, of course, life isn't always full of sunshine and rainbows. But, the actress is still grateful. 

Soliel Moon Frye smiles in a white dress to flaunt her weight loss transformation. 
Source: People

After her journey with NutriSystem, the actress learned some important lesson along the way. Frye thinks 'allowing yourself the freedom to not be so hard one yourself' is the main focus.

Besides, she loves all the good and the bad days both. After all, as Soleil Frye says herself, she is not here to impress anyone.

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