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Lauren Goodger Tremendous Weight Loss Results; Cut Off Consuming 5000 Calories After Being Called A Whale

Published Sat Sep 14 2019 By jessica
Lauren Goodger Tremendous Weight Loss Results; Cut Off Consuming 5000 Calories After Being Called A Whale

Not only tv star Lauren Goodger has gone multiple cosmetic surgery transformation, but a dramatic weight loss transformation too. The Only Way Is Essex alum lost a whopping of 12 pounds in only three weeks in early 2019.

Goodger's weight loss journey, however, began way several years back though. Shrinking her body size from being size 18 to size 10, it's a big achievement, to say the least. But, how was the Lauren able to do it?

It Started With A Trip To Egypt

In 2015, Lauren was on a summer trip to Egypt when an image of her, the tv star found unflattering, surfaced on the internet. The picture showcases the tv star clad in a peach two-piece swimsuits with a minor view of her cellulite and tummy fat.

Lauren Goodger spotted jogging in grey top and jeggings. 
Source: Irish Mirror

Although the image seemed to be no big deal at all, but, when you're in the eyes of the public attention, that is nothing but indeed a huge deal actually. Unfortunately, as the world can be a cruel place sometimes, Lauren immediately started receiving trolls over her weight before the picture could even be plastered all over the country's tabloids.

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The bullies and evil body shaming that called her out as a whale left Lauren completely broken. 'Embarrassed and ashamed', she couldn't even look herself in the mirror. But, the tv personality knew she had to do something instead of sitting there as a crybaby.

Goodger turned her weakness into a strength. And only in six months, she lost a total of 9 stone. See all the secrets in detail below.

Lauren Relied On Diet Supplements

The tv star who is currently filming for the UK's favorite tv show, Celebs Go Dating, has publicly promoted diet products on her social media. To name a few, she promoted weight loss company including Skinny Coffee Club, a coffee diet drinks that help in losing weight and Boom Bod that helps in the reduction of cravings.

Lauren Goodger flaunts her weight loss transformation in a skin tight red hot skirt. 
Source: Pinterest

On the contrary, fans were quick to judge and criticize again. You seriously can't please everyone and you're not here for that anyway. Whilst the tv star commented she lost over 9 Ibs using the products, the public slammed her for lying in claims that she actually lost her weight through surgeries.

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Of course, Lauren has gone through surgeries including a lip filler to make her lips appear bigger like most of the tv star in the UK, but it's no one's but her own decision whether she wants to address her personal matter to the public or not. But, Goodger did admit to having a surgery to remove her body fats.

Though Lauren doesn't prefer to speak much of the surgeries, the TOWIE star has, however, been upfront about her weight loss journey with constantly updating on her weight loss goals.

Only in early 2018, she announced her fans that she was on a mission to lose nearly two stone in two months. At the time, her fans appeared rather concerned that she would starve again for the sake of weight loss. They even went against it.

Weight Loss Fluctuation

Lauren, however, has been feeling more confident in recent years though. Some of her diet plan failed after she couldn't keep up with it, as her former personal trainer, David Souter, mentioned before. Since starting her journey in mid-2010s, the tv personality endured a weight loss fluctuation.

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Not to mention, unable to follow the strict diet and exercise regimen, Lauren even secretly flew to Paris where she obtained like ten pounds just in two days.

Watch a video of Goodger addressing her weight loss journey.

Right after releasing a DVD behind her weight loss tricks, the tv star was already gaining weight. Her then trainer even felt sorry for forcing her to eat protein-based diet, rice and green food such as salad and broccoli every day. Besides, she also stopped consuming 5000 calories per day.

On the bright side, after all the suffering along the journey, Goodger has managed to love herself and even worked on to inspire her fans through her weight loss tricks. Lauren thinks learning to keep the balance is important and that you can still maintain your diet whilst you're still partying and drinking.

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