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Josie Gibson Weight Loss Secrets; How She Went From Size 20 to Size 8

Published Sat Sep 14 2019 By jessica
Josie Gibson Weight Loss Secrets; How She Went From Size 20 to Size 8

When you're losing weight and prospering, you just know all you can do is nothing but be happy. Josie Gibson was recently spotted all smiley with her toddler son at the beach as she flaunted her leaner body in a blue swimsuit.

The former Big Brother winner gained weight after her pregnancy with her first child who she welcomed in September last year. The reality star, however, began her weight loss journey before a couple of years. So, how much has changed since? Let's find out below.

Who Is Josie Gibson? Details to Her Weight Loss Secrets

Josie Gibson who hails from Bristol is a tv presenter highly recognized as the winner of the reality show, Big Brother's eleventh season. She is first winner who received the highest amount of votes from the public in the history of the series.

Josie Gibson weight loss transformation. 
Source: Celebs Now

As seen through the years since her Big Brother journey, Gibson slowly started to gain weight thereafter. The weight gain in her body and the changes throughout the year is still highly recognizable. Her shoulder looked broader as her waistline and thighs became bigger too.

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Following her pregnancy weight gain, the matter became a much serious topic for the tv host. But, Josie knew she had to remain conscious of her body and health.

Gibson's Diet Secrets

With the uprising fame and constant attention in the public eye, it all began in 2012 for Gibson's weight loss journey. The tv star highly focused on consuming a healthy diet and cut off unhealthy food from her plate.

Watch a video of Josie Gibson opening about her weight loss story.

Gibson added protein based diets that would help her feel full throughout the day and less hungry. The mother of one also regularly dedicated her time to the gym and worked out with the help of a trainer.

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With a serious determination to lose weight, Josie, impressively, lost a massive amount of more than 35 kg that made her size 8 from size 20.

What Motivated Gibson?

Like a lot of people, Josie as well as shared a common weight loss tricks. To see how far she has come, and measure her progress, Gibson would frequently compare her current self with old pictures.

Josie Gibson compares herself with an old cutout board picture of herself. 
Source: Daily Mail

In an interview, Josie said:

"Take weekly pictures of your changing shape! Whenever I needed a boost, I'd just scroll back through my phone to see how far I'd come."

Josie also credits Do The Unthinkable for her weight loss. She enjoyed the healthy meals delivery service of the company that helped her a lot with shedding pounds. A lot of celebrities has used the service from Do The Unthinkable in recent years.

Following her drastic weight loss transformation, Gibson then underwent surgery in 2016 to remove the excess sagging skin off her body.

Josie Gibson smiles for a selfie with son, Reggie. 
Source: Instagram (josiegibson85)

Although Gibson gained weight during her pregnancy with son Reggie James the tv star shares with former boyfriend, Terry, a property developer, Gibson is still sticking to her healthy diet and routine.


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