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John Goodman Wight Loss Transformation: Discover All The Intriguing Diets Secrets

Published Mon Sep 02 2019 By admin
John Goodman Wight Loss Transformation: Discover All The Intriguing Diets Secrets

Golden Globe Award-winning American actor John Goodman has been impressively and comtinuosly losing weight since he shed 100 Ibs. Highly known for his role in The Big Lebowski, the actor, however, believed he would still get back to his old weight number like the usual. But, clearly, that has not been the case this time.

Oh, and not to let it go, before he began his weight loss journey, Goodman weighed more than 400 Ibs. Shocking, isn't it? So, how was the actor able to shed such heavy extra pounds? Find your answers below.

John Goodman Weight Loss Story: How The Actor Shed 100 Ibs

Born John Stephen Goodman, American actor John Goodman is recognized for his contribution in most of the well known and hit films in Hollywood including The Big Lebowski, Monsters, Inc., The Flintstones,10 Cloverfield Lane, and Kong: Skull Island among others.

John Goodman before and after losing 100 Ibs. 
Source: Hollywood Life

Despite such huge successes and making it big in the showbiz world, his obese weight was always a matter of serious concern and issues for the actor. The issue reached to the point where Goodman couldn't even take a look at himself in the mirror. Not to mention, he couldn't even properly sit and move.

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The worse thing about his weight was that he was an avid alcohol drinker. Most of the drinks that contain high calories can cause a high risk of obesity. Goodman's weight gain issue became even worse when he was quitting Roseanne.

Secrets To John Goodman Weight Loss

As it seemingly had a thing or two with after leaving Roseanne, it was also Goodman's insecurity how he thought he wasn't good enough. Determined to lose weight in a serious manner this time, he followed a strict diet and exercise regimen.

John Goodman quit drinking to lose weight. 
Source: NY Post

Following the realization of his serious weight gain issues, Goodman decided it was time to do something for it. In an interview, speaking of his drastic weight loss transformation, the actor talked about how even after losing 60/70 Ibs after months of hard work, he would still end up running into the same circle and gain back the weight he lost.

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But, in the mid-2010s', he decided to take things slowly and never looked back. John hired personal trainer aka one of his close friends, Mackie Shilstone who once took him to a cemetery and told the actor to dig his own grave claiming that he was almost close to his death.

John Goodman Diet Details

Goodman avoided consuming all of his favorites indulgence including Crisco which causes a high risk of raising the cholesterol level. Shilstone highly added a plant-based diet to his meal. Goodman, in fact, highly consumed Mediterranean diet.

Besides, the actor also avoided red meat and relied highly on the indigestion of fruit and vegetable. His personal trainer also made sure that Goodman was highly taking omega-3 fatty acids and only olive oil used food.

Although Goodman well-realized how important it was to maintain a diet, it wasn't surely going to be his only friend on his weight loss journey. The actor also exercised and worked out regularly which ultimately assisted in losing over 100 Ibs.

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Impressively enough, John Goodman has actually lost over 100 Ibs since 2018. The actor makes sure he checks and keeps a record of his weight regularly. 

Moral of the story is, anyone struggling with weight loss issues can surely achieve their goal. Just look at Goodman who lost over 100 Ibs from weighing 400 Ibs. True as they say, nothing is impossible.

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