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Jason Alexander Lost 30 Pounds With The Help Of Jenny Craig

Published Wed Sep 18 2019 By jessica
Jason Alexander Lost 30 Pounds With The Help Of Jenny Craig

When three times Golden Globe-winning actor Jason Alexander tried hard enough to drop some weight, he would lose 10 Ibs. Unfortunately, it wouldn't take them long to return and haunt the Seinfeld actor again.

If only Alexander had joined Jenny Craig's weight loss program any sooner, he would have had his problems sorted quicker too. Here's how the actor lost more than 30 Ibs with using Jenny Craig's service.

Jason Alexander's Son Was His Weight Loss Motivation

Jason Alexander who is known for his roles in several hits and notable hit films and tv series including Pretty Woman, Everything's Relative and Listen Up can be highly noticed as the actor playing the fat and funny guy in most of the films he appeared in.

Jason Alexander in 2009 alongside wife and two children. 
Source: Celebrity Breaking News

The actor is a father to two children including Gabriel Alexander and Noah Alexander, he shares with wife Daena E. Title. Alexander younger son had even given him a nickname called 'SFB' that stood for 'Short Fat Bald'. And when one of his sons asked him if he would be still here when he would be 50, that moment froze the actor.

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It was indeed the wake-up call for Jason. Onwards the incident, Alexander then decided to work out on his weight loss journey. The actor would lose 10 Ibs, but they would soon come back. But the issue quickly cleared out after Jason joined Jenny Craig and tried their weight loss programs to reach his goal.

What's a Jenny Craig?

Jenny Craig whose full name is Jenny Craig, Inc. is an Australian-American weight loss company that provides weight loss plan and services to their customers in different specific parts of the world. With its popularity, a lot of celebrities in Hollywood has joined Jenny Craig, not just Alexander.

Jason Alexander showcases his weight loss transformation after Jenny Craig. 
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Not to mention, their customers usually lose more than one and a half pounds every week. As for Jason Alexander, he lost a staggering of 30 Ibs in only eighteen months, something that was highly celebrated by the weight loss company on camera.

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With the experience with Jenny Craig, Jason says it took him three months to learn all the healthy habits to lose weight whilst it took him 50 years to learn all the bad habits. And, after his tremendous weight loss journey, Jason was certain to remove 'F' from 'SFB'.

Alexander Only Had 1500 Calories Per Day

With working on Jenny Craig, his meals plan highly consisted of consuming fresh vegetables, fruits, and intake of less calorie food. More importantly, Jason who would enjoy 4500 calories on a daily basis was then consuming only 1500 calorie per day.

Watch a video of Alexander speaking of his weight loss journey.

Calories are not bad. But with not being able to use them in the form of energy, it only leaves them in being converted to fat in the body. But, all thanks to Jenny Craig, Alexander needed no more energy than the requirement of his body.

Other than that, Alexander also spent some of his precious time in the gym doing exercise apart from the focus on healthy diet plan and other physical activity. Matter of time, he was working out 5 times per week.

Before joining Jenny Craig, Jason Alexander's wife had asked him if he would be nervous and feel humiliated if the weight loss plan didn't work. Luckily, it worked for Jason who at the time replied his wife saying that he made his career out of being humiliated.

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