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Is Elvis Presley's Grandson, Benjamin Keough Dating Anyone? All The Details To Follow

Published Thu Aug 15 2019 By rm
Is Elvis Presley's Grandson, Benjamin Keough Dating Anyone? All The Details To Follow

Benjamin Keough is well known as the grandson of the short-lived legendary actor and singer, Elvis Presley who died in 1977. His father was loved and admired across the globe, and famous especially among the females.

As the grandchild of Presley, it's certain, the case is similar to Benjamin too. The young guy might not be popular as his grandfather, but Presley's fame and name surely gave him recognition. 

As a matter of fact, he already has countless fans. And, why wouldn't he, right? We mean, he has his grandfather's dazzling eyes, facial features, and hair. So, is there a chance that Benjamin Keough is dating anyone? Let's find out below.

Benjamin Keough; Personal Life Details

The grandson of American iconic singer and actor, Elvis Presley and actress Priscilla Presley, Benjamin Keough is an aspiring singer who followed the footsteps of his grandfather and mother. His mother, Lisa Marie Presley is the only child of Presley.

Benjamin Keough's Girlfriend and Love Life; Is He Dating Anyone?

Benjamin Keough, grandchild of Elvis Presley.

Source: Pinterest

Born in 1992, the 26 years old celebrity child has already thousand of fans across the globe. His features similar to his grandfather and the talents transformed through the great genes of Presley earned him a lot of fans even though Benjamin prefers a lowkey lifestyle.

As a matter of fact, when news surfaced they were looking for an actor to play Elvis Presley in the new biopic based on the deceased actor and singer, thousands considered to pass the role to Benjamin. The role was passed over to actor Austin Butler.

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On the other hand, Benjamin Keough who grew up with the attention of public and media since he was a child prefers to keep everything that concerns his private matter closer to the vest.

Not to mention, Keough can not be found on any social sites. Or either, he uses the services of social media but has them private. Due to the specific reason, it's complex and harder to find out if the aspiring singer is taken or has a girlfriend.

Benjamin Keough reportedly dated a few women in the past but there's no existence of evidence to prove the speculation. Luckily, for his fans, Keough is, however, reported to be single and not romantically involved with anyone.

Meet The Woman Benjamin Keough Loves The Most

Benjamin Keough pictured alongside his mother and sisters.

Source: Instagram

Regardless of being single, Benjamin Keough still holds a place with the utmost love and respect for a special woman in his life. The woman happens to be, of course, none other than Lisa with whom he got matching feet tattoos.

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Lisa and Benjamin got matching tattoos of a mandala-like flower back in 2010 on the occasion of Mother's Day. The tattoo was inked over the foot. Besides, Lisa Presley, Benjamin loves his elder sister; Riley Keough and half twin sister; Finley Aaron Love Lockwood and Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood.

How Benjamin Keough dealt With His Parents Divorce

Benjamin Keough's mother was married four times.

Source: Pinterest

Whilst Benjamin is still yet to find love, he has witnessed some ups and downs with his parents' marriage and affairs. Whilst his mother happens to be a big star in Hollywood, his father, Danny Keough, is a common man with less money comparatively.

Following his parents' divorce in 1994 after six years of marriage, Benjamin and his sister Riley lived both privileged and low-quality life. With their mother, Benjamin lived a lavish life but whilst he lived with his father, he lived a less privileged life that included sleeping in Cabins & Trailer Parks.

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Benjamin's mother remarried thrice including Michael Jackson with whom Lisa remained for two years. After splitting from Jackson, she married actor Nicolas Cage (2002-2004). In 2006, Lisa married Michael Lockwood. As for his parents, they still remain to be the best friend to this date. 

Benjamin Keough's Quick Facts

  • Benjamin Keough was born on 21st October 1992.
  • He is an aspiring singer who plays guitar.
  • Benjamin was reportedly signed to Universal with $5 million record deal to record an album but no updates have been made.
  • His middle name is Storm.
  • He is the only grandson of Elvis Presley.
  • Benjamin often performs with his mother on stage.

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