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Holly Madison Forced Herself To Drink Green Juice For Weight Loss

Published Thu Sep 12 2019 By jessica
Holly Madison Forced Herself To Drink Green Juice For Weight Loss

How dare those people to call Holly Madison fat when all she had was like gained just a few pounds? It's screwed up how the society, especially in the showbiz world, makes one feel insecure of their own perfect as it is body to capitalize out of it.

But hey, what's new, right? This is a century-old tradition where women have always suffered and struggled with self-esteem in the hand of society and patriarchy to look a certain way just to meet the so-called beauty standard.

Anyway learn more on the amazing weight loss journey of the model, author, actress, and tv personality, none other than Holly Madison below.

Madison Felt Embarrassed After Being Told To Lose Weight

As for Madison, she always loved her body as it was; the cellulite, rolls, and flaws, all of it. But, what else could she do when she was told off to lose weight by the producers at the Peepshow where she previously worked at? At the tine, the actress had gained like 15 Ibs after filming for the Sin City.

Former Playboy bunny, Holly Madison. 
Source: Healthy Celeb

The worse thing out of the situation was the fact that the model felt like she failed to control her own body whilst she successfully accomplished her career. Holly felt so ashamed and hurt that she couldn't bring herself to go on the stage.

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And, the next thing she knew, Holly was starving herself with crash diet by eating only fruits and vegetables so she could shed weight as soon as possible.

Struggles With Pregnancy

Not long after that, the actress was back to the body her producers wanted. However, three years later, when the author of Down the Rabbit Hole became pregnant with her first child, the weight gain issue was back to haunt her again.

Madison shares two children with former husband, Pasquale Rotella. 
Source: Healthy Celeb

It wasn't the pregnancy the actress endured issues with though. Molly gave birth to her first child aka Rainbow Aurora Rotella she shares with former husband, Pasquale Rotella in 2016. But, even after surpassing the postpartum phase, her belly was still big. Holly is also a mother to another child named Forest Leonardo Antonio Rotella.

Of course, the actress was on the mission to win her old body back. But the best thing this time was that Holly didn't opt for the same diet she tried several years ago to lose weight. Matter of fact, Holly was more concerned of her health this time.

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Concerned of her health, she tried a much better diet plan. And by the next eleven months, she lost more than 30 Ibs. So, what did the actress do?

Diet Plan Behind Holly Madison's Weight Loss

Madison was consuming all the healthy stuff in the perfect portions. Thanks to the book called The Beauty Detox Solution by Kimberly Snyder that came handy for the actress to achieve her goal.

Holly Madison flaunts her weight loss body in a black body-hugging dress. 
Source: Delish

Instead of caffeinated drinks, Madison's morning consisted of drinking much healthier drinks such as vegetable juice to provide vitamins and nutrients for her body. She wasn't much of a fan of it, but she would still force down the green liquids down her throat.

The former Playboy bunny really set no strict rules this time. With a proper workout, she balanced everything to what went inside her body. The former Playboy model makes sure she didn't have protein and carbs at the same time on her plate as she learned from her Food Bible aka the Snyder's book that starches and meat gives a hard time to body for digestion.

Some of her favorite meals include honey chicken, mashed potatoes rack of lamb, and oat. Not to mention, she still enjoys her favorites including french fries, burgers, and pasta. 

The great technique we have learned thus far is that Madison usually takes salad or any form of an appetizer to get fiber before the heavy metal part. This had helped Madison improve her habit of digesting without feeling like she overate.

Whilst we're definitely here to support health and fitness, we're proud of Holly Madison's achievement.


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