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Hannah Ferrier Weight Loss Secrets: See All The Details

Published Wed Sep 04 2019 By jessica
Hannah Ferrier Weight Loss Secrets: See All The Details

In May 2019, reality tv star Hannah Ferrier took to Instagram to share a charming selfie of herself with a big and surprising announcement to reveal some special secrets on her appearance.

Ferrier realized how some of her fans noticed a certain change in her face and body. Luckily for the fans of the tv personality and yacht stewardess, Ferrier was selfless to share all the secrets. Learn everything you need to know in the content below.

Hannah Ferrier Weight Loss Secrets: What Did She Do?

Hannah Ferrier is professionally a stewardess who rose to fame after her appearance in the reality tv show, Below Deck Mediterranean which began airing in 2016. The show follows the story specifically the challenges faced by the nine or more stewardess working on a yacht.

Although the show is based off in America, Ferrier is an Australian by nationality. As a matter of fact, Hannah first began her yacht journey by working in Europe for five years before she moved to the US to work as a stewardess.

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As noticed by the fans, Ferrier started looking a lot different compared to what she looked like at the beginning of the show. Writing on Instagram, Hannah revealed how she began gaining weight and glow on her face in the past months. So, what was the reason behind it?

Hannah Ferrier Quit Smoking

Yes, Hannah Ferrier quit smoking in February. The tv-personality shared how she wasn't smoking for the past three months and that it was what helped her gain back the glow on her face. But, Ferrier also reveals how the journey wasn't easy for her though.

Hannah Ferrier gained back glow on her face after quitting smoking.

Of course, it's not easy to get rid of a habituated habit, especially like the ones with smoking cigarettes. But Ferrier is not alone in this journey as a lot of people in the world has struggled with immediately quitting smoking.

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Since cigarettes contain nicotine which carries the quality of making one addicted to smoking, it's almost difficult and impossible to quit. But, Kudos to Ferrier for finally being able to do it. Also, thanks to Akaliko Skin Clinic that helped her in removing the toxins out of her body.

And, the reason why Hannah began gaining weight is because when one person stops smoking, he/she usually wants to keep their mouth occupied by keeping something inside it to replace the feeling of wanting to smoke. People on average gain 5 to 10 lbs after quitting smoking.

Weight Loss Secrets

As for the Aussie Queen, it was only a matter of time before she began losing weight though. When asked how she managed to shed pounds in an interview, Hannah responded answering "intermittent fasting".

Hannah Ferrier drinks only 1000 calories a day.

According to Hannah, her busy schedule with work makes her so occupied all the time that she, in fact, forgets to have dinner most of the times. Plus, Hannah focuses on drinking only 1000 calories a day. Besides, it's also the stress that naturally caused Ferrier to lose weight.

When a fan tweeted Hannah how she looked better whilst having anxiety, she sarcastically replied: "The silver lining of anxiety is the weight loss..." and we agree.


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