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Geordie Shore Star Holly Hagan Fluctuant Weight Loss & Gain History

Published Sat Sep 14 2019 By jessica
Geordie Shore Star Holly Hagan Fluctuant Weight Loss & Gain History

Chances are you will always find the confident woman aka Holly Hagan flaunting the curvacious Goddess body on her Instagram where her fans never cease to compliment her. And, honestly speaking, if only we had a figure like of the Geordie Shore's queen we wouldn't know how to act.

Holly, however, felt insecure and was haunted for days when she found a photo of herself surfaced on the internet in 2015. Matter of fact, that was a wake-up call for the reality star.

And In recent years, a tremendous weight loss transformation of Hagan is highly recognizable. So, how was the Thornaby native able to do it?

Holly Hagan Was Criticized For Her Weight

Holly Hagan quickly rose to fame after appearing on the reality tv show, Geordie Shore. As fans can remember, Hagan has never been fat and obese, but when the reality tv star started to receive negative comments on her body, she got off from the couch to work on it. 

Holly Hagan weight loss transformation over the eyars. 
Source: Fat Fighter Blogs

Hagan has been accused of using artificial techniques like surgeries to lose weight, but the tv star has denied them claiming she relied on natural and healthy remedies. In order to make a change on her body, Holly Hagan who likes curvy body and is a fan of Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj, she quickly adopted a new diet routine.

Hagan Ditched Crabs & Sugar

The first thing Hagan managed was focused on her diet. The main and important thing the tv star did was eliminating consuming carbs, high-calorie food, and soda.Hagan also completely cut off sugar. Before starting her diet, Hagan was a high fan of junk and fatty food.

Watch a clip of Hagan speaking of her weight loss tricks below.

But as she wanted to get in shape, Holly knew she had to say Bye-Bye to all of her favorite food. Like everyone, Holly started to eat high protein and low carb food. Matter of fact, she also adopted a Paleo based diet, the same diet musician Tom Jones relied on upon.

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Paleo is a kind of diet that emphasizes on consuming clean, fresh and raw meat, fish, and eggs that provides you protein. Although this diet doesn't restrict food consumption types but it doesn't allow you to eat processed and junk food.

Hagan Isn't a Huge Fan Of Gym

Though the tv star isn't a big fan of the gym, she still has fun sweating in there. Whilst losing weight and staying fit is much better with exercises, Haga hired a personal trainer to help her out with the equipment and demonstrating the perfect workout for her body.

Holly Hagan lost 13 stone after her weight loss journey. 
Source: Mirror

Besides, her weight loss journey also taught her about the significance of maintaining her diet and fitness plan. Matter of fact, she even learned about all the tips herself.

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Following her weight loss journey, Holly published Holly Hagan Bible where she revealed about all the weight loss tricks and secrets for her fans. The book which is available on Amazon is a 12-week program to stay fit and losing weight.

Hagan, however, doesn't want people to look at herself as a role model or an inspiration even after reducing her body size to a drastic level. The tv star lost 13 stone. She says weight loss was her personal journey to stay healthy and that she wants people to love herself for who she is.

On the contrary, Hagan has endures some fluctuation over the years which she blames her busy schedule for filming that gives her hard time to manage diet and exercises.

Meanwhile, her weight isn't the only thing Hagan has worked on. She has undergone expensive cosmetic surgery such as boob jobs, lip filler, and botox.


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