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Facts of Gabourey Sidibe

Full NameGabourey Sidibe
First NameGabourey
Last NameSidibe
Birth NameGabourey Sidibe
Birth CityBrooklyn, New York City
Birth CountryUnited States of America
Father NameIbnou Sidibe
Father ProfessionCab Driver
Mother NameAlice Tan Ridley
Mother ProfessionGospel Singer
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationHeterosexual
AwardsChicago International Film Festival,Hollywood Film Festival,National Board of Review,Women Film Critics Circle Awards
FilmographyPrecious,Yelling to the Sky,Tower Heist,Top Five,White Bird in a Blizzard,Grimsby,Gravy
EducationBorough of Manhattan Community College,
Height163 cm
Weight136 kg
Networth$6 M
Twitter Profile
Insta Profile
Wiki Profile
Date of BirthMay 6,1983
Age36 years

Gabourey Sidibe's relationship and love life is a common interest among her fans, not just her weight loss transformation. Oh, and speaking of her dramatic weight loss transformation, we previously discussed how far she has come after losing more than 120 Ibs.

Sidibe is currently working on her upcoming film created by Gerard Bush and Christopher Renz. Although the actress and model definitely keep her personal life close to her vest, here are some important stuff to know about Gabby's dating life.

Who Is Gabourey Sidibe Dating?

The several award-winning actresses is currently single, but that doesn't mean she is not ready to settle down. Following her dramatic weight loss journey, Sidibe earned more confidence and decided that it was time for the actress to focus on her love life too.

Gabby Sidibe poses for a picture at an event. 
Source: Pinterest

With multiple contracts, experience and awards in her hand, the plus-size model who rose to fame from her big role in the film, Precious, has also shifted her focus on her love life. Needless to say, the actress is indeed ready to mingle.

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Of course, Sidibe who was raised by a retired teacher turned gospel singer mother and a cab driver has never been shy to speak her mind. And her realness is one of the special traits of the actress that earned her thousands of fans. We mean have you seen her Instagram?

How Come Gabourey Is Single?

When one finds out to learn celebrities being single, they are never slow to jump into conclusions. They easily think they don't want their relationship publicized. And, for a lot of celebrities, the reason is quite considerable.

Gabby Sidibe kisses Precious' director Lee Daniels. 
Source: Bossip

As for Gabourey who decided to take a break from dating in Spring mid 2010s', she realized how she rarely has hetero male friends, to even begin with. The actress revealed how most of her guy friends are usually gay.

Gabby realized that none of the male friends or anyone would want to take her out on dates. But, that needed to change. She wanted the Universe to listen to her and give her what she seeks in a man.

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This doesn't mean that Gabby is desperate though. Whilst she surely wants a relationship, she just wishes it would be nicer for the universe to give her what's best for her.

Gabourey Prefers Tall Guys

To all the male fans of Gabourey Sidibe out there, if you're taller than 5 feet 4 inches then you might stand a chance to be with your dream girl. Yup, the actress who stands at an average height of 5 feet 4 inches likes date tall guys.

Gabourey Sidibe prefers taller guys. 
Source: InStyle

By tall guys, it, however, dosn't mean the guy need to be as tall as 6 feet or so. For Gabby, she considers any guy just even one inch taller than her to be tall. There are a few more qualities Sidibe seeks in her man though.

A tall guy who is funny, interesting, likes to read and never sees himself in the same stressful situation is what Gabby is all about and into. The actress is turned off by people who is constantly stressed.

Gabourey Dated A Gay Man

Whilst the actress hasn't talked much of her past relationships yet, it's reported Gabby previously dated a man of the opposite sexuality. As per a news outlet, in one of her past relationships, the actress slowly began to realize how she was into herself more than her then-boyfriend was.

The weird thing about the relationship was that her boyfriend would try to wear Sidibe's shoes out.

Gabourey Sibide and the rumored boyfriend she called as a regular guy. 
Source: TheBF

The actress has also once talked about her relationship in an interview several years back. Although she didn't speak much of it, she mentioned her former boyfriend as a regular guy who does regular work. The two were even spotted together at a game. However, they were never spotted again.

Sibide and a mystery man in 2015 at the Studio City neighbourhood of Los Angeles. 
Source: Daily Mail

Likewise, in early 2015, Sidibe was spotted with a mystery man at the Studio City neighbourhood of Los Angeles, as reported by Daily Mail. But Gabourey never said a word of the outing nor the man.

Sidibe Quick Working As A Phone S*x Worker For Acting

Before Gabby landed on the lead role for Precious that later earned her an Oscar award, she previously worked at like a phone s*x worker. The actress was suggested by her therapist to work as a phone s*x operator by her.

Sidibe used to work as a s*x phone operater. 
Source: Pinterest

Once a depressed student, Sidibe dropped out of college to attend a therapy center where she was called to be the happiest person in the group. As a black and fat person, her therapist suggest the job to be one of the best jobs available and suitable for them.

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After being accepted for the job, Sidible learned how most of her co-workers were all black and overweight like her. She alongside her co-workers were all pretending to be a lessly mediocre and intelligent white girls. The job earned her well that Gabby, who currently has a net worth of $6 million was making more than her parents and was able to pay rent for them to.

Gabourey Doesn't Regret Going Through A H*e Phase

Like the normal young people in America, Gabourey as well had gone a h*e phase in her early twenties. She has no regret or whatsoever though. She feels grateful instead that she was having the time of her life without having to worry about a boyfriend or relationship.

Not to mention, the actress feels that if she was married to a husband (although she isn't) or the first person she had coitus with without never going through the phase, Gabby would regret about it. But that was way back before and the actress has no desire to live her life like that anymore.

Gabourey Sidibe and Empire co-star, Jussie Smollett. 
Source: Pinterest

Additionally, whilst Sidibe surely has no boyfriend in the meantime, she has a boy best friend she can count on anytime. Gabourey shares a special bond with best friend Jussie Smollett, she met while working on the tv show, Empire. Jussie is a gay man.

Sidibe might be single right now, but to be honest, anyone would be lucky to have her. Not everyone deserves someone as rare, witty, confident, sarcastic and beautiful as her.


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