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Find Out The Celebrity Who Married More Than 5 Times

Published Wed Aug 14 2019 By jessica
Find Out The Celebrity Who Married More Than 5 Times

These celebrities made big headlines with their weddings and marriage counts. Because, they did not get married twice or thrice but more than five times. What? Yup, you read that right.

Certainly, this might sound shocking or might drop some' jaws on the floor, but if we were to look on the bright side, at least they had the courage to do it all over again till found their perfect match and love.

So, who are the celebrities that were/are married more than five times? Take a look at to below.

Kenny Rogers

Kenny Rogers pictured with wife, Wanda Miller and twin sons; Jordan and Justin Rogers.
Source: Daily Mail

Six Pack actor Kenny Rogers first marriage count with former wife, Janice Gordon (1958-1960) which was followed by Jean Rogers with whom he remained married for three years (1960-1963). 

Following his divorce with Jean, Kenny married Margo Anderson the next year in 1964. His marriage his Margo lasted over a decade till it officially ended in 1976. The actor then tied the knot Marianne Gordon in 1977. Their marriage lasted till 1993.

After divorcing Gordon, Rogers has been since then married to his current wife Wanda Miller with whom he shares an identical twin. Kenny Rogers married five times.

George Foreman

George Foreman and his fifth wife Mary Joan Martelly.

Source: Married Wiki

American retired boxer George Foreman who named his five sons after his names have been married five times. Foreman is also a father to seven daughters. The native was first married to former wife Adrienne Calhoun (1971–1974). He then married Cynthia Lewis from the year 1977 till 1979.

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As for George Foreman's third wife, she is Sharon Goodson. The two remained married from the year 1981–1982. The star then married Andrea Skeete (1982–1985) until he finally met and married his current wife, Mary Joan Martelly.

Foreman and Martelly have been married since 1985 with whom he shares five children including Leola Foreman, Natalia Foreman, George Foreman IV, George Foreman V, and George Foreman VI. Foreman too married five times.

Rue McClanahan

Actress Rue McClanahan pictured with her son, Mark Bish.

Source: Twitter

Emmy winning deceased actress Rue McClanahan was married six times. The author of My First Five Husbands...And the Ones Who Got Away first got married to hubby number one, Tom Bish in the year 1958 before they parted ways in 1959. McClanahan then married Norman Hartweg from the year 1959 till 1961. After the two split, Rue then found her love in Peter DeMaio with whom she unfortunately only remained married from the year 1964 till 1971.

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McClanahan then married Gus Fisher. The two remained married from 1976 till 1979. The actress' fate then crossed Tom Keel with whom she was married for less than two years (1984-1985). Rue didn't marry until 1997. Her last husband count Morrow Wilson. The couple split before McClanahan's death but were legally still married.

In addition, despite being married five times, Rue McClanahan is only a mother to one child, a son named Mark Bish she shared with her first husband. Rue married six times.

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor was married eight times.

Source: Yahoo

Cleopatra actress Elizabeth Taylor was not married five or six times but eight freaking times. Taylor, however, married seven people as she reconciled her relationship with fifth husband, Richard Burton twice.

Taylor was married to first husband Conrad Hilton Jr. from the year 1950-1959 before she tied the knot with second husband Michael Wilding with whom she remained married from the year 1952-1957. 

The actress' third marriage is known with husband Mike Todd (1957-1958) who sadly passed away whilst they were still together. Likewise, she then shared a brief romantic life with fourth husband, Eddie Fisher with whom she remained married from the year 1959- 1964.

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Then Burton entered her life and the couple remained married on-off for nearly twelve years, from (1964-1976). Following her separation with the actor, Taylor married John Warner in 1976 till they divorced in 1982. Her last marriage count with her seventh/eight husband Larry Fortensky, a construction worker she remained married for five years from 1991 till 1996.

Larry King

Larry King and his seventh and current wife Shawn King.
Source: Page Six

Actor and tv host Larry King remained married eight times to seven women. He renewed his marital vows with third wife Alene Akins twice. The Bee Movie star first married Freda Miller with whom he remained married from the year 1952-1953. 

King's second marriage was then followed by Annette Kaye. Sadly, their wedding couldn't even last a year as they split in 1961 the same year they got married. The actor then married Akins in 1961 begore they split 1963 prior to his marriage with Mickey Sutphin (1963–1967).

Following his separation with Sutphin, Larry then re-married Akins (1969-1972). After King and Akins couldn't work out their relationship, the actor married Sharon Lepore (1976–1983). The actor then married Julie Alexander, a businesswoman with whom he remained married from the year (1989–1992). And, finally, Lary King got married to his current wife, Shawn King with whom he has been married since 1997.

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