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Find Out How Leslie Jones Lost 40 Ibs In A Year

Published Thu Sep 12 2019 By jessica
Find Out How Leslie Jones Lost 40 Ibs In A Year

Can we just appreciate the amazing weight loss transformation of comedian actress Leslie Jones who shed a whopping of more than 40 Ibs in only a year? The bold and confident woman has always been a fan of her body though.

But, when her doctor advised the comedian she needed to lose the unwanted weight of 40 Ibs as soon as possible, she was on it like Donkey Kong. So, how did the comedian accomplish her goals?

Leslie Jones Weight Loss Journey

The comedian actress Leslie Jones who has been making us laugh for years is known for her appearances on shows and pictures including Saturday Night Live, Ghostbusters, The Angry Birds Movie 2, Sing, National Security and House Arrest among many.

Leslie Jones at the Ghostbusters premiere in 2016. 
Source: Pinterest

Jones had never been obese or overweight. The Hollywood star struggled with confidence and accepting her dark skin whilst growing up, but the insecurity is something the actress succeeded to overcome.

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Matter of fact, she has been a true inspiration for a lot of young girls out there. In late 2015, however, Jones started gaining weight. Not to mention because of her weight issue, no Fashion designers offered to dress her up for the premiere of Ghostbusters until Christian Siriano came to the rescue.

Furthermore, she only realized she needed to work on her weight after a visit to a hospital that left with the suggestion to lose 40 Ibs to avoid health issues. And, that was actually her wake up call.

Jones Ditched Soda & Juice

As she was determined to lose weight, the first thing Leslie Jones applied to obey her doctors and get in shape was by cutting off soda drinks, juice and other high sugary foods like sweets. Great move Jones!

Leslie Jones lost 40 Ibs in 2016. 
Source: Yahoo

Soda and juice are highly enriched with sugar that creates and increases the fat amount in the body organs such as the liver. And, gaining weight to an extreme level leads to the high chances of suffering from diabetes diagnosis.

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Jones was also highly conscious of what she was feeding to her body. Understanding the importance of maintaining the diet, the actress focused on the consumption of healthy food.

Apart from eliminating sugary and high-calorie food, the funny lady also spent devoted some high amount of time in the gym. She hired personal trainer, Thaddeus Harvey to make her sweat.

Fitness Plan and Routine

Jones started working out regularly with the help of Harvey. Other than her fitness plans, Jones also regularly walked for six miles. The Mermaid star made sure to update her millions of fans with her workouts sessions in the gym where she could be seen lifting her legs and arms.

Leslie Jones hired personal trainer Thaddeus Harvey. 
Source: Instagram (lesdogggg)

Yoga can be hugely credited behind the tv host's weight loss too. The Tennessee native performed yoga on a regular basis. Research claims practicing yoga is effective in improving the metabolism that indirectly helps in weight loss.

Besides, it was also the motivation she gained from her beloved friend and co-star on SNL, Kate McKinnon. In an interview whilst speaking of her weight loss secrets, Jones credited McKinnon whilst revealing how her thoughtful friend would always make her walk to the dinner instead of using the transports.

Makes sense how Jones who constantly entertains us with her commentary video on Instagram lost 40 Ibs in only less than a year.

Kudos to Leslie Jones.


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