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Drew Barrymore Credits Diet & Exercises On Losing 25 Ibs In Three Months

Published Tue Sep 10 2019 By jessica
Drew Barrymore Credits Diet & Exercises On Losing 25 Ibs In Three Months

For an actress or someone in the showbiz world, to maintain weight and be in shape is one of the essential requirement of their job. And, for the Never Been Kissed star, Drew Barrymore struggled with maintaining her weight when she gained over 30 Ibs in 2016.

Enduring the weight loss and gain fluctuation issues was common for the actress though. It wasn't until in 2016, the actress decided, it was time to work on her weight when her weight peaked at its biggest number ever. She was even mistaken for a pregnant woman which was basically a wake up call for her.

Drew Barrymore Lost 25 Ibs In Less Than Three Months

Prominent actress Drew Blythe Barrymore who bags a staggering net worth amount of $125 million is known for her roles in several hit and notable movies including E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Charlie's Angels and Blended among others many.

A before and after difference picture of Drew Barrymore's weight loss. Source: Skinny VS Curvy

The actress has always flaunted a perfectly lean and fit shape body. Matter of fact, losing weight was the least of her problem. But, as the actress got the taste of motherhood, the problem just sort of appeared there.

But, Losing Weight Wasn't Easy For Barrymore

The actress who raises two children including Olive Barrymore Kopelman and Frankie Barrymore Kopelman with former husband, Will Kopelman became pregnant for the first time in 2012. Soon after welcoming her daughter, Drew's body started to change at pace.

Drew Barrymore alongside daughters, Olive and Frankie. 
Source: Red Tricycle

Besides, following the birth of her second child in 2016 the same year she split from Will, Drew gained more than 40 Ibs.

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Barrymore didn't become fat or obese but for an actress, the gradual changes of her body soon became one of her major concerns. Matter of fact, the issues became more apparent when she found out her body was genetically different and needed different plan to shed the extra weight.

The actress says regaining the old body after pregnancy and becoming a mother is hard. Although, she succeeded shedding extra Ibs, it only took her a break from working that made her gain them again.

Barrymore who has busy schedule raising two daughters also runs a cosmetic company called Flower Beauty whilst simultaneously managing her time in between acting. And, this made the actress miss out on looking after her health.

Barrymore Maintained Proper Dieting & Exercise

Thankfully, with the help of a personal trainer and fellow friend, Marnie Alton and a partnership with Emsculpt, Barrymore was able to shed some extra weight. Matter of fact, she astonishingly lost 25 Ibs in only three-span of months and went from weighing 144 Ibs to 124 Ibs in late 2016.

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As upfront as she was with her weight loss journey and secrets with her fans, Drew made sure to update them with before and after pictures on Instagram. Basically there are no exclusive secrets to her weight loss secrets.

Drew Barrymore pictured on the right with Marnie Alton. 
Source: Pinterest

Aside from eating a plant-based diet alongside a few protein, the actress regularly devoted her busy time in the gym and tried out the Emsculpt procedures which involve a machine that is required to wrap around the body to tighten the muscles and burn the fats.

The one thing the actress missed was the love for her pizza. But, if Drew Barrymore can sacrifice pizza to get in shape, then we assure you can do it too.


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