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Dramatic Weight Loss Transformation Of Ricky Gervais; What Did He Do?

Published Wed Sep 18 2019 By jessica
Dramatic Weight Loss Transformation Of Ricky Gervais; What Did He Do?

Weight loss journey for Ricky Gervais began in the early 2010s' after learning that he was fat. The After Life actor was indeed furious at the fact that he was put in the dark about his weight at how no one tried to mention him that he was fat.

As soon as he started losing weight, it was then when people talked to him saying things like how he used to look like a pear before. It's been more than five years since he embarked on his weight loss journey, but the actor is still truly sticking to his weight loss routine.

See how Mr. Gervais lost 22 pounds in just a year and how does he still maintain his weight today.

Ricky Gervais's Non-Diet Weight Loss Journey

Maybe Ricky Gervais would have started working out on his weight as soon as after being called fat, but it was still not late for him. As for the Extras alum, it was mostly for his health that he decided to lose weight though, not for Hollywood.

Before and after Ricky Gervais lost weight. 
Source: PK Baseline

With a lifestyle that involved heavy drinking, it was also when Ricky realized he needed to take care of his weight. Matter of fact, the Reading native was an avid wine drinker. Gervais even says that he had wine coming out of his pores. He even thought he was dying.

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Also, for the actor, he started to gain weight after he reached the age of 30. For Gervais, it was mostly the exercise he relied on to shed pounds. He didn't go for a strict diet or starve himself nor he opts for a balance portion. If anything, eating was his favorite thing to do.

Calories Were Gervais' Least Of The Problem

Interestingly, the first thing a lot of people who tend to lose weight do is cut off all the unhygienic food. Cutting off high-calorie food, taking less sugar, and eliminating junk food is some of the first major steps. But, nope, not for Gervais.

Ricky Gervais spotted joggin with girlfriend Jane Fallon. 
Source: Daily Mail

All he did was give all of his precious time to the gym and exercise. He spent like a couple of hours working out and burning all the unnecessary fat off his body through sweat.

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The Derek star would do cardio for more than half an hour and nearly half an hour of weights. To make his work out session more flexible, he later set up the gym at his own house. Since the actor lived in between America and England, he would do his run at Hampstead Heath when he was back home in London.

Weight Gain Fluctuation

Following his tremendous weight loss journey, Ricky shared that he was still sticking with the same routine to keep the balance of his weight. But, a few years later, it looked as if something had changed.

Ricky Gervais in 2018. 
Source: Twitter (rickygervais)

In 2018, the BAFTAs winning artist shared a post where he asked for a motivation from his fans claiming that he was fat all over again. Funnily, doing his job in his best ways, Ricky was actually asking for insults.

In his words, Ricky said:

"Just weighed me. I’m… fat…again. It’s not my fault though. I blame too much food. Give me your best insults to motivate me."

Many of his fans immediately turned up at the reply section with suggestions to go for a vegan diet. Whilst it's not sure whether the animal advocate listened to his fans or not, it's pleasing to see that Ricky, at least, hasn't gone to his old size.

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