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Did Amy Allan Re-Marry? Details To The Dead Files Star Divorce And Husband

Published Sat Aug 17 2019 By
Did Amy Allan Re-Marry? Details To The Dead Files Star Divorce And Husband

Amy Allan's paranormal show; The Dead Files successfully has been airing for nearly a decade with ten seasons. Thanks to the show's lead cast aka Allan's supernatural power and ability to understand and communicate with the outside world or the spirits so intriguingly. To be honest, without her, the show wouldn't be where it's today.

Apart from her professional life, Allan, luckily, shares a successful life with her personal life too. The actress relishes a great married life with her second husband, although she chooses to keep them private from the public eye. So, who is she married to?

Amy Allan's Dating Life; Details To Her Married Life

The Dead Files' star Amy Allan at an event.

Source: Instagram

Amy Allan is one lucky woman. Shortly after her marriage ended in divorce with her first husband, the tv personality found her true soulmate with whom she shares a happily married life and proudly claims herself to call him hers. Well, without further ado, let's get to know in detail about her married life.

Amy Allan's Married Life; Who is Her Husband?

Amy Allen and her first husband Matthew Anderson.

Source: Pinterest

The Travel Channel's hit show; The Dead Files' star known for her unique supernatural ability to comprehend and contact the outside world is a divorced woman who re-married twice. The psychic was previously married to her first husband who goes by the name; Matthew Anderson.

Whilst it's not known how and when the two met, it's highly assumed the former couple met in the late 1990's or early 2000's. Allan and Anderson worked together on the reality tv series for several years. Precisely, Matthew helped in assisting Amy on the show.

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The duo reportedly became attracted and instantly fell in love with each other after they were introduced to each other. The couple even got married. Unfortunately, the date of their wedding is kept secret and unknown to the public. After a few years of married life as husband and wife, their relationship came to an end. Amy Allan and Matthew Anderson split in 2012 prior to the finalization of their divorce in 2013.

As for Allan's ex-husband, Matthew Anderson, he worked for The Dead Files for a great near four years till he decided to depart from the show after contributing in more than 100 episodes, in 2016.

Amy Allan Finds Love Again; Can You Guess Who Is Her Husband?

Interestingly enough, Amy found love again on the same show she previously happened to lost em. Besides, Amy and Matthew, a new crew member joined the team of the Dead Files, aka whom the tv star ironically fell in love with.

Amy Allen and Rob Traegler wed in 2018.

Source: Instagram

Amy met her second husband Rob Traegler on The Dead Files who joined the show in 2011 as its director. Traegler is an Emmy nominated film and tv series director and producer. Although it's not confirmed, speculations suggest that the closure of the two was the reason Amy and Matthew parted ways.

The two reportedly got married in 2018 prior to their engagement in 2017, after briefly dating for several years. According to a post shared by the star, its highly assumed that Traegler romantically proposed to Amy on a holiday. Allan didn't confirm the news but shared a picture of her hand with a massive diamond ring on her wedding finger.

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On the contrary, the couple, however, never revealed any specific details on their wedding and marriage for privacy issues. Whatsoever, the paranormal investigator is a proud wife of the film director and constantly brags and publicly appreciate his achievements on social media.

Amy Allan's Family; Do She And Rob Share Any Children?

Since Amy and Rob do not speak much of their personal life matter to the public, it's hard to acknowledge a lot of things in their life. Whatsoever, it's safe to say the couple doesn't share any children together, not till date yet.

The partner in crime, however, share a dog named Obi together. Amy who is an animal lover constantly shares adorable pictures of her dogs on Instagram that earns appreciation and lovely comments from her fans. In addition, the tv personality shares no children with her former partner either.

Amy Allan's Quick Facts 

  • Currently based in California, Amy Allan lived in Colorado and New York.
  • Allan learned her paranormal skills from her gradmother.
  • The tv personality studied psychology at the University of Arizona.
  • Amy Allan is also a humanitarian who flew to Serbia and Yugoslavia to help refugees.
  • Allan claims she started seeing shadow people since she was a child.
  • Amy even had several imaginary friends as a child.
  • Amy Allan was previously married to Matthew Anderson prior to being married to Rob Traegler.


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