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Check Out How Janet Jackson Lost 70 Ibs

Published Sun Sep 22 2019 By jessica
Check Out How Janet Jackson Lost 70 Ibs

We still can't get over the tremendous weight loss transformation of Janet Jackson. Whilst a lot of women struggle to get rid of their postpartum body for a long period of time, Jackson did it in a blink of an eye.

Like the singer lost 70 Ibs in less than a year shortly after giving birth to her first child. Say what? In case you're curious to learn how the mother of one was able to endure such drastic weight loss, then don't worry. We have all the threads ready.

How Janet Jackson Lost 70 Ibs In Less Than A Year

Janet Jackson gave birth to her first child, Eissa Al Mana in January 2017. The singer shares her son with former husband, Wissam Al Mana, a Qatari businessman. Also a year prior to welcoming their child, Janet took a break from her career to focus on her family.

Janet Jackson takes a selfie with her son, Eissa Al Mana. 
Source: Instagram (janetjackson)

Following the birth of Eissa, Janet soon began working out after a month and a half in March. She even hired a personal trainer, Paulette Sybliss, who helped her with a daily no less than 45 minutes work out sessions that consisted of light strength providing training instead of heavy physical work out.

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Besides, the duo would be also performing four different kinds of training. For the British trainer, working out to increase the heart rate andd work on muscle that simultaneously worked with burning fat was the main objective.

Watch a video of Jackson speaking of motherhood and more.

Matter of fact, Paulette wanted Janet to be fit and healthy rather than lean or skinny. After all, the singer needed to get back on the road soon and she had to make sure Jackson wasn't hurt. Thanks to Sybliss, the strategy worked greatly for the then-new mother.

Jackson Relied On Carbs For Energy

Jackson's weight loss goal needed a proper well-managed diet too. The excessive work out wasn't going to help her with her weight goals, and Sybliss knew what else was needed to be done. 

Before and After Janet Jackson lost 70 Ibs in less than a year. 
Source: Hollywood Life

Unlike most of the people who cut off carbs from their diet, it was the main food Jackson highly consumed. Jackson's trainer knew she needed the energy to keep up throughout her day. Thus, she was allowed to eat carbs like pasta and protein including chicken and eggs.

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Matter of fact, she wasn't even restricted to enjoy some chocolate cake whenever she liked. More precisely, Janet had three meals every day and made sure she never missed any part of her diet. 

According to Paulette, nutrition is the most important part of the training. In her words, the trainer said: 

"I believe that if you're eating well 90/95% of the time, you can eat in moderation anything that you want. So, I don't set her a cheat day at all."

So, the secret is to maintain a diet.

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