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Catherine Tyldesley Weight Loss Transformation: From Size 22 to Size 8

Published Tue Sep 17 2019 By jessica
Catherine Tyldesley Weight Loss Transformation: From Size 22 to Size 8

The first time anyone sees an old picture of actress Catherine Tyldesley from her early days, it's for sure that they will have a hard time fathoming the reality. But, a big appreciation for Tyldesley whose weight loss journey has highly impressed and inspired us to the core.

If curious to learn how did the actress come so far with such dramatic weight loss transformation, then keep reading!

Catherine Tyldesley Struggled With Confidence Due To Over Body Weight

Blonde beauty Catherine Tyldesley has that mesmerizing blue eyes, perfect height, stunning beauty bone and everything a lot of girls out there would definitely wish to have. Needless to say, Tyldesley only gets prettier.

Catherine Tyldesley pictured with husband Tom and son Alfie. 
Source: Manchester Evening

The Coronation Street alum who is all set up for her new venture to work on Strictly Come Dancing has been pretty upfront about her weight loss journey lately. Whilst the actress seems like she's got nothing to lose, she has as well shockingly been at her lowest and bad days just like any human.

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As for the Manchester native, weight gain issues began when she was only in her mid-teens when she reached size 22. Her weight gain problem became so serious to the level that what remained of the actress's self-esteem was buried to the ground.

In an interview, Catherine reveals how she would avoid the changing room, gym, and any public places because of the feeling of low confidence and embarrassment.

Watch a short clip of Catherine speaking of her weight loss secrets.

Tyldesley claims she gained weight due to overeating junk food all the time as she would frequently eat unhealthy food at the Food Truck in high school whilst ignoring the healthy food her parents had back at home. She also admits herself to be a greedy and lazy person.

The problems became much worse for the actress when she started to catch breathing problems whilst walking the stairs.

Behind Catherine's Motivation

As an aspiring young actress, Tyldesley once went up on a stage to audition for the lead female role of a musical theatre production. It was in that moment when Catherine had to hear that she would rather get a role of a fat and funny role for the rest of her life.

Catherine Tyldesley showcases her fitness lifestyle on Instagram.

On the bright side, the words surely did hurt Tyldesley but other than that, it only motivated Catherine to become the person she is today. And the next thing she knew, she was working her arse off to drop her weight.

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Determined to drop the weight, Catherine cut off removing junk food from her table, hit the gym regularly and added more healthy ingredients to her diet. And, only in less than a year, Catherine lost more than 65 pounds.

The actress actually began at a slow pace. As she was embarrassed to go gym, she bought a DVD and worked out at home which later made her go from being a size 22 to being size 8.

Additionally, the actress says, she tried everything including a faddy diet which couldn't be in her favor which is what made Catherine opt for a healthy regimen that would help her lose weight for the long term.

Tyldesley's Weight Loss Secrets

Catherine believes that eating the right portion of food and maintaining to keep a balance is the key to success. Not to mention, for the actress, she doesn't rely on a strict diet and prefers to treat herself every once in a while.

The mother of one enjoys protein-based food that includes eggs, chicken and other healthy indulgences such as avocado, homemade burger, prawns, tuna, nuts and some green vegetables and salad and broccoli. She insists that the right food is the way to the healthy weight and body.

In the meantime, as Catherine is into rehearsal for reality dancing show, Strictly Come Dancing, the actress has been more into fitness and having more fun in the room. 

Apparently, Tyldesley always loved dancing but quit when she faced issues with weight gain. When the producers of the show approached her to join the show, she couldn't say no.

All the best Catherine!

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