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Carnie Wilson Weight Loss Transformation; See Before And After Pictures

Published Fri Aug 23 2019 By jessica
Carnie Wilson Weight Loss Transformation; See Before And After Pictures

American singer and tv host, Carnie Wilson, better known as the member of Wilson Phillips underwent gastric bypass surgery multiple times. The Talk star says the surgery was the only option and the best way to lose her weight.

In order to lose weight for plus size or obese celebrities, they often rely on gastric bypass surgery. As we previously reported, reality star Mama June as well under went the knife to lose a whopping of over 150 Ibs. And Carnie is only among some of the well-known famous personas to rely on the procedure alongside June. Learn more about Carnie Wilson's weight loss transformation below.

Carnie Wilson Weight Loss; How The Singer Lost 150 Pounds

One of the subjects that frequently makes headlines when it comes to singer and tv host, Carnie Wilson is unquestionably her weight. Over the last two decades of her career, the Wilson Philips singer endured fluctuant weight loss and gains, with pregnancy being the main reasons.

Carnie Wilson lost 150 Ibs after under going gastric bypass surgery in 1999. 
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Wilson flaunts an average body that weighs around 190 Ibs today, but she regained weight of near 30 Ibs after losing 150 Ibs two decades ago. More details below.

Carnie Wilson First Gastric Bypass Surgery

Back in the 90s' at the height of her career success, Carnie Wilson had a bit more big and chubby weight. It was only in 1999, the singer decided to go for a gastric bypass surgery where the surgeon removes a large portion of the stomach to reduce food consumption.

Carnie Wilson in 2000 on her wedding with boyfriend turned husband Rob Bonfiglio. 
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Wilson underwent the surgery prior to her wedding with boyfriend turned husband Rob Bonfiglio in 2000. The singer looked stunning as ever as she flaunted her lean body in a white body-hugging bridal gown. Evidently, the surgery effectively worked for the singer. As a matter of fact, gastric bypass helped her lose a whopping amount of 150 Ibs from weighing over 300 Ibs and drastically went from being size 16 to size 6.

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Unfortunately, a few years later, motherhood and pregnancy brought her back to the same old body and weight size. 

Carnie Wilson Second Gastric Bypass Surgery

Like any pregnant woman, during the years of her pregnancy and motherhood, Wilson as well as experienced pregnancy weight gain. Carnie Wilson welcomed her first child Lola Sofia Bonfiglio in 2005 and second one; Luciana Bella four years later in 2009. Her weight gain issues with her second pregnancy grew even more.

A before and after weight loss transformation picture of Carnie Wilson. 
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As a matter of fact, the Grammy-nominated artist gained an extra 60 Ibs whilst being pregnant with Luciana. And, this time, losing the pregnancy weight she gained was harder than she could imagine. Carnie eventually opted to go for a lap gastric bypass surgery twelve years later of her first surgery. She went for lap gastric surgery in 2012.

For her second time, Wilson slowly yet gradually started losing 30 Ibs within a couple of months. According to the Hold On singer, the gastric surgery was the only and best way for her to lose the weight. She even mentioned in one of her interviews she has been doing great since undergoing the surgery.

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