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America Ferrera Weight Loss Transformation: See The Dramatic Results

Published Tue Sep 03 2019 By jessica
America Ferrera Weight Loss Transformation: See The Dramatic Results

No lie, but when we say that we would kill for a body like America Ferrera's, we mean it. Ferrera has that dreamy curvacious body everyone would be lucky to have of. Obviously, the Ugly Betty actress put super hard effort to achieve that body she flaunts today.

So, what are the secrets behind Ferrera's amazing body? See all the amazing regimen below so that you might as well get a tip to get a body like hers.

America Ferrera Weight Loss Transformation: Behind The Actress' Reason For Losing Weight

Hondurans beauty Queen America Georgine Ferrera quickly rose to fame after her Award-winning performance in Real Women Have Curves in early 2000. Highly recognized for her role in Ugly Betty, Fetty has come a long way with her career with winning numerous Awards including Prime Emmy and Golden Globe awards.

Before and after America Ferrera lost weight. 
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Throughout the years, Ferrera remained insecure of her weight and even struggled with losing weight it especially when the actress endured fluctuant weight loss and gain. But, if you compare to what America Ferrera looks like today to what she looked like nearly a decade ago, a vast difference in her weight is highly noticeable.

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Of course, the actress was never fat or obese. But, her weight loss transformation in these years of span definitely deserves a high appreciation. With no further ado, see the details and story behind America Ferrera's weight loss transformation.

According to America Ferrera, losing weight was never about looking a certain way, or more specifically, looking skinny. The Superstore cast, however, did feel like she was overweight at times caused by the pressure of the showbiz world. But clearly, not a single angle of her body ever said so about her figure.

Diets Consumption and Workouts

As apparent it is, the first step America applied to maintain her weight was by eating healthy. As the actress never meant to look skinny or a certain way, she focused on what she was eating to provide all the nutritional necessity needed for her body.

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Ferrera added low calorie, low carb, and high protein foods to her diet. The actress precisely maintained to keep a proper balance over her diet since taking low carbs diet didn't cope well with her body. Not to put a blind eye on it, she also applied the formula of consuming healthy drinks and protein to start off her day. This way it helped her body keep less room for carbs.

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Whilst staying away from her favorite indulgence wasn't easy, America would manage her time for a handful taste of ice-cream once or twice a month. But, she still made sure she wasn't skipping her strict diet everyday.

In addition, America drank green tea in between her snacks breaks for better metabolism. Considered as the healthiest beverage, consuming green tea helps in burning fat, alongside providing the low risk of cancer and enhancing brain function.

Well, moving towards her fitness plan, Ferrera would keep herself occupied in the gym at least thrice a week. With the help of a trainer, the actress opted for different exercises that suited for her body. From cardio to squat to high-intensity aerobic workouts to sumo deadlift to Jumping jacks, Ferrera was hella dripping her sweats through it all and lost over 15 Ibs.

Journey With Pregnancy

In 2018, America Ferrera welcomed her child, a son named Sebastian Piers Williams. Ferrera shares her son with husband Ryan Piers Williams who the actress tied the knot in 2011. With being pregnant with her first child, Ferrera obviously gained pregnancy weight.

America Ferrera alongside husband Ryan Piers Williams.

Gaining extra weight and stretch marks didn't make the actress hate her body though.,After all, her body was something she learned to worship like a temple after years of struggle to love it. If anything, she was actually amazed and proud of her body with the things it was able to do such as breastfeeding. 

In an interview, Ferrera revealed how she was in a 'triathlon shape' and didn't exercise whilst being pregnant with her son. But, following the birth of her son, America, clearly, has never looked back. She is still confident and positive of her body. And, we love so much about this.

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