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Facts of Amber Liu

Full NameAmber Josephine Liu
First NameAmber
Middle NameJosephine
Last NameLiu
Birth NameAmber Josephine Liu
Birth CityCalifornia
Birth CountryUnited States of America
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationHetrosexual
Marital StatusSingle
SibilingsJackie Liu
Height167 cm
Networth$8 M
Twitter Profile
Insta Profile
Wiki Profile
Date of BirthSeptember 18,1992
Age27 years

"Shake That Brass" singer, Amber Liu makes a great career as a singer with over a decade contribution to the industry. Throughout her career, she has been part of a few labels including SM Entertainment, Steel Wood, and United Talent Agency.

With a sky-rocketing music career, Amber might be enjoying a great life behind the camera. What's her personal life like, is something everyone wants to explore about. So, without wasting any time, let's get going!

Amber Liu Personal Life

Amber Liu's relationship status is quite confusing as well as interesting at the same time. Let's figure out, what's happening in his personal life!

Her Current Relationship Status

Amber is quite secretive when comes to her personal life. She barely opens up about her dating life and avoids any media talks regarding it. Moreover, she is currently enjoying a single life as she hasn't confirmed any relationship recently.

It's hard for the media to snatch any personal life details about Liu. She's closer with the f(x) member, Krystal and people speculate they might be dating right now. Check out the picture Liu shared alongside her!

Amber with her band member, Krystal.

"I Just Wanna" singer, Amber captioned the post saying "till teaching me Korean 11 years later. Love you loser, you’re still super weird." Nevertheless, it seems like they are just good friends as there's no more evidence to confirm their dating life.

Her Past Relationship

f(x) member, Amber went through a few failed relationship in the past as she opened up about it to Koreaboo. Moreover, she believes, she's not good with it at totally "sucks at them."

"Rubber Duckie" singer, Amber Liu.
Source: Koreaboo

Amber even writes about love and previously released a song "Right Now" which clearly talks about the relationships. Besides, she explained how she's pretty serious in relationships, which might be the reason for her heartbreak. She stated,

"I’ll say, I’m picky. I’m a very all-in personality, and that’s the reason I am picky because if I date you that means I want to marry you, I want to spend my life with you. I remember it took me five years to get over one of my exes."

Liu further added she's soft-hearted and gets emotional easily. Also, she believes she learns from the mistakes she makes in the relationship. "Lost At Sea" singer first said I love you while she was 16 and with time, her definition of love changed.

The star opened up about her ex-boyfriend, saying,

"I had a boyfriend. Just one, a long time ago. I’m an active person so I want a boyfriend who can enjoy sports with me. I like basketball, skateboarding, and basically everything [active]."

Amber went through an unhealthy relationship and took quite a lot time to get over it. Moreover, she explained about the situation and how she got help people around her to overcome it, through a music video titled, "Get Over It".

She is an Androgynous

Born to Taiwanese parents, Amber is an Androgynous K-Pop star. Moreover, it means, she holds partly male and partly female looks. Basically, she possess the feature of both the sexes.

The star even opened about being androgynous in an interview,

''I'm an androgynous tomboy with tattoos, piercings with a very conservative Asian cultural [background] and I'm in entertainment. People are like "You're a girl, why do you have tattoos?" and I say, "Well, I got even more! Here you go!" You just can't judge people if you don't know them. I'm all for equality."

Have a look at his look:

Amber Liu; a group member of, f(x).
Source: Allure

Amber always loved the boyish look and does what she likes to do. Although she hears a lot of suggestion about wearing what girls wears and being a girl. She barely cares about it and in a statement she wrote, she said,

"I hear that I dress like a boy and that I should be more girly, which I can understand, but I just focus on what I want to do and enjoy my time with fans who love me for who I am."

"Earlier in the Morning" singer Amber grew up playing sports like tennis and skateboarding by tying up her hair just like boys. Although she got bullied during her school days, it didn't bother her. Later, she changed her haircut as she cut off her long hair at the end of her middle school.

Amber Liu Net Worth

The career Amber Liu holds, suggests she might me making quite a handsome money from it. So, how much could be her net worth?

Her Staggering Net Worth and Salary

"On My Own" singer, Amber accumulates the net worth of $8 million. Moreover, she has been professionally singing for around a decade and contributing some hit albums.

Check out her music video from, Rogue Rogue!

The singers in the United States earns an average salary of around $45,000 a year. However, it depends on the popularity and album sales as a famous music band could garner over $60,000 every year.

Her Hit Albums

Amber debuted with the group, f(x), in 2009, releasing several album. To be specific, their debut single was a title, "LA chA TA". The group was originally formed by SM Entertainment and Amber partners alongside Victoria, Luna,  and Krystal. Besides, Amber has worked for other two agency; Steel Wood and United Talent Agency. Also, the group's music is mostly for Korean audience.

Check out her few albums sales in the market!

S.N.TitleAlbum DetailsSales

Released on April 20, 2011

Label: SM Entertainment

73,000 in Korea

8,004 in Japan

2.Pink Tape

Released on July 29, 2013

Label: SM Entertainment

103,894 in Korea

11,022 in Japan

3.Red Light

Released on July 7, 2014

Label: SM Entertainment

93,974 in Korea

7,430 in Japan

4.4 Walls

Released on October 27, 2015

Label: SM Entertainment

81,505 in Korea

1,000 in United States

3,700 in Japan

After working together with SM Entertainment for years, she finally left the entertainment in 2019. A year before, she signed a contract with Steel Wool Entertainment and United Talent Agency to represent her US and worldwide activities.

She wrote a message thanking everyone who supported her all along and announced her departure from the company. Check out her handwritten note!

Amber's heartfelt message after leaving SM Entertainment.

Amber was part of the company for around ten years, contributing with several hit songs. Her fan base who are called, Meus, were left with a surprise but were supportive of her decision and wished all the best for her future.

Amber Liu Body Measurements

K-Pop and R&B singer, Amber Liu.
Source: BuzzFeed

  • Eye color: Brown
  • Hair color: Light Blonde

Quick Facts: Amber Liu

  • Amber was born to Taiwanese parents, in Los Angeles.
  • She has a sister, Jackie Liu.
  • She has a number of tattoos in her body.
  • She is fluent in Chinese, English, and Korean.
  • Her first celebrity crush is Orlando Bloom.
  • She is a close friend of singer, "Kara" band member, Nicole Jung.

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