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Alec Baldwin Amazing Weight Loss Journey: Lost 30 Pounds Ditching Sugar

Published Sun Sep 22 2019 By jessica
Alec Baldwin Amazing Weight Loss Journey: Lost 30 Pounds Ditching Sugar

If you're waiting for the sign to get off your couch and start on your weight loss journey then this is it. The best news we have for you is that it's losing weight is not even that hard anymore.

All you gotta do is cut off taking sugar, as simple as that. Just look at the ever stunning and handsome Alec Baldwin who gave us some of the amazing and motivating weight loss transformations.

Believe it or not, Mr. Baldwin lost his weight by only cutting off white sugar from his diet. And, he is not the only celebrity to do so. Wait till you hear more amazing weight loss regimen the actor followed to maintain his weight.

Baldwin's Diagnosis With Pre-Diabetes Stirred Up His Wake-Up Call

It all began for Alec Baldwin when he received some bad news from his doctor in 2011 that he had been diagnosed with pre-diabetes. You must have heard of diabetes and it's type but what in the heck is a pre-diabetes?

Alec Baldwin lost 30 Ibs in four months. 
Source: Hyper Activez

Well, pre-diabetes is a condition when the levels of blood sugar of a person become higher than the normal but not high enough to be called diabetes Type 2, a serious diabetes level. Doctors report the majority of people diagnosed with the condition of pre-diabetes are not even aware that they have it.

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As for the Beetlejuice actor, he was not obese but it was also not hard to ignore the fact how he had noticeably gained a few more pounds. And the actor knew he had to maintain his sugar level before he was greeted by Type 2 diabetes.

So, what was his next step?

Baldwin Cut Off In-taking Sugar

Of course, Baldwin had to cut off the high consumption of sugar. Matter of fact, the comedian completely removed sugar from his diet. The New York native even farewelled some of his favorite sweet indulgence that consisted of cake, pie, candy, mints, and even gum.

See a video of Baldwin talking about his health and weight loss.

The only time, he was enjoying sugar was when he ate fruits. In an interview, the actor said, he would only eat some fruits and berries. Besides, he also cut off other high carbs foods such as pasta, bread, snacks, and other junk food. But, Baldwin is a big fan of sushi though.

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Consuming high carbs is also one of the reasons behind the rise of high blood sugar, diabetes, and weight gain. But with the proper maintenance and balance of his diet, Alec was able to lose a mind-blowing of 30 Ibs in only four months.

Wife Hilaria Baldwin Was Baldwin's Biggest Motivator

True to their words how there's always a woman behind every man's success, for Baldwin, it was his wife and then-girlfriend Hilaria Baldwin with whom the tv host shares four children including Romeo Alejandro David Baldwin, Rafael Thomas Baldwin, Carmen Gabriela Baldwin, and Leonardo Ángel Charles Baldwin.

Alec Baldwin and his wife, Hilaria Baldwin and kids. 
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Baldwin is also a father to his other child; Ireland Baldwin, who he shares with his previous wife; Kim Basinger. Alec and the actress split in 2003 after spending nearly a decade of togetherness as a husband and wife.

Luckily for Baldwin, he had the support of Hilaria who is a yoga instructor. The actor has opened up several times revealing how his wife motivated him throughout the journey.

It was , however, the Pilates and spins that helped Alec with his weight loss transformation though. The actor says he didn't perform yoga much. But his wife was there to help him in every possible way. Speaking of his wife, the actor once said:

"My wife -- I'm very lucky they can't have my wife because she's mine -- is a very wise beyond her years and disciplined person. She's helped me. Food is for fuel. We try to access food that is good and that we enjoy."

It's been near seven years since Baldwin embarked on his weight loss journey, and impressively enough, the actor still looks as fabulous as ever.


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