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Al Roker Weight Loss Journey: Credits Keto Diet For Shedding Ibs

Published Mon Sep 02 2019 By admin
Al Roker Weight Loss Journey: Credits Keto Diet For Shedding Ibs

Al Roker's cool weather forecasting job is not the only thing that has kept him in the spotlight over the years, but the story of his weight loss journey has somewhat been a equal part of it too. Roker first lost 100 Ibs in the early 2000s' which came after a promise he made to his father on losing weight.

So, how was Roker able to lose near 100 pounds? See all the details and the secrets to the weight loss journey of the newsman below.

Al Roker Weight Loss Transformation: All The Details

Al Roker, whose real name is Albert Lincoln Roker Jr., is an American journalist and an author highly recognized as the weather forecaster for NBC's Today. Roker is the recipient of the Guinness World Record for an uninterrupted live weather report for 34 hours.

Before and after Al Roberts lost 100 Ibs. 
Source: E! News

Speaking of the New York native's weight loss story, Roker first lost 100 Ibs in 2002. At the time, the news correspondent weighed a whopping weight of 340 pounds. And, behind his journey, there were more people seriously concerned about his health and weight more than Albert himself was.

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Roker has been married to his second and current wife, Deborah Ann Roberts since 1995 prior to his divorce with his first wife of ten years, Alice Bell in 1994. Whilst his wife has always come off an avid fitness lover and trainer, the same couldn't be spoken of the news reporter back then.

Roberts and Roker would often get into arguments over his obese weight in consideration how his wife thought he didn't care about their relationship enough. Besides his wife, it was also his deceased father Albert Lincoln Roker, Sr. who had issues with his weight. Matter of fact, Albert made a promise during his father's final days that he would work on his weight.

Did Al Roker Undergo Surgery?

Roker's wife Deborah had no issues in regards to her weight. She was healthy, lean and fine. On the contrary, Roker was never into exercise. In fact, it took him efforts to even make attempts at exercising. Well, since workouts wasn't his go-to solution, it was when Roker decided to undergo surgery.

In 2002, Roker underwent gastric bypass surgery where the surgeons cut off almost 80 percent of the stomach that helps in consuming less food and eventually effects in losing weight. The father of three consequently lost 100 Ibs from weighing 340 Ibs.

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The gastric surgery wasn't easy on him though as Roker had to endure some side effects. Matter of fact, Roker only underwent gastric surgery just a year later of having a knee arthroplasty. Roker shares a funny story about how he once pooped his pants whilst thinking he was only going to fart. What makes the story remarkable is the fact that the incident happened whilst he was off to the press room in White House.

Behind Roker's Diet Details

Growing up in a large family, Roker's diet was always fun to eat. His meal usually contained foods highly fueled with carbs. Alberts remembers indulging on his favorite childhood food such as pot roast with potatoes, pancakes, grilled cheese, tomato sandwiches, Jamaican black-eyed peas and rice, and Macaroni and cheese.

Al Roker alongside wife and three children. 
Source: ABC

But, of course, Roker's had to work on his diet too, in order to lose weight. Roker's weight number was going well until in 2011 when his mother Isabel Roker fell seriously ill that she had to be hospitalized. Mrs. Roker passed away shortly and this resulted in Roker gaining back weight again. 

Precisely, it was the guilt that made him eat unhealthily and gain weight. Roker believed he wasn't spending much time with his children, wife, and mother. And before he knew it, he sought his consolation in food. The reporter was, in fact, already 40 Ibs extra.

Roker took control over his diet though. The journalist has been a public supporter of the Keto diet. Roker started consuming keto-based diet to keep the track of his weight. Not to mention, Roker even, once, defended Keto diet from Jillian Michaels who claimed that the diet system was not appropriate.

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Besides, he even applied detox only diet for nearly a month and eliminated high sugar drinks such as sugar, dairy, alcohol, gluten and aadded unprocessed foods enriched with protein.

Today, with maintaining a strict diet and exercise regimen track, Al Roker weighs near 190 Ibs and has promised to never go back to his old eating habits and weight. Well done, Al Roker.

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